PHPRunner changes history

Detailed change log

Version 10.91 - March, 2023

  • use SQL functions in the 'Before Add/Edit' events. Added new parameter $sqlValues;
  • added new event - ProcessRecord for pre-processing values returned from database or REST API;
  • Export to Excel now supports different national formats when exporting numbers, currency values;
  • .NET - new event 'C# Imports' for adding 'using' directives;
  • new option added to the List page - 'Don't show number of records (faster)'.
  • REST View - added 'Date format' option to the field properties. Date values from REST API can now be used as dates in the application.
  • Project logo can now be edited directly in Page Designer
  • REST API now accepts data in JSON format for add/edit operations;


Version 10.9 - January, 2023

  • Excel-like filters in column headers on the List page
  • Users can enable multiple 2FA methods on their profile page
  • New Menu API functionality: add, edit, and delete menu items on the fly
  • New Notification API functionality
  • New grid totals options
  • jQuery upgrade to version 3.6
  • Improved page speed load
  • Added Swal2 library support
  • Full PHP 8.2 support

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.9

Version 10.8 - July, 2022

  • New dashboards look and customization options
  • Font Manager
  • Styling of tabs and sections
  • New grid styling options
  • Charts export to PDF or image
  • Show different pages in mobile and desktop mode

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.8

Version 10.7 - January, 2022

  • Files upload to cloud providers: Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Wasabi
  • Notification API

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.7

Version 10.6 - August, 2021

  • New security providers: AzureAD, OKTA, SAML, OpenID.
  • Session expiration control.
  • RTL support in PDF.
  • AnyChart print/export/save as image.
  • Upload files to cloud providers.
  • New APIs: Dashboard API, HTML email templates API, Notifications API

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.6

Version 10.5 - December, 2020

  • Reports editing in Page Designer
  • New Visual features (AdminLTE like).
  • Excel-like editing AKA Spreadsheet mode.
  • Dialog API enhancements (lookups, date pickers, data validation )
  • SweetAlerts based popup confirmations popups.
  • Two-factor authentication now supports email and Google Authenticator.
  • User profile page ( 2fa - phone, email, Google Authenticator (TOTP), profile picture)
  • Reorder records by drag and drop.

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.5

Version 10.4 - March, 2020

  • REST API (let other apps talk to your app)
  • REST API consumption - display data provided by third-party APIs
  • Grouping
  • OR search

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.4

Version 10.3 - September, 2019

  • Separate permissions for additional pages
  • Filters - grouping
  • Login via Google
  • Dialog API
  • Single Sign-On via JWT
  • New Active Directory and LDAP options
  • More APIs and events

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.3

Version 10.2 - June, 2019

  • Collapsible left menu bar
  • Smart caching of JS, CSS files
  • More ways to use additional pages
  • New build notifications
  • DATE control new options and API

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.2

Version 10.1 - February, 2019

  • New PDF export engine (Up to 10x faster!)
  • EU cookie consent banner

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10.1

Version 10 - July, 2018

  • Page Designer - easily design complex forms
  • Multiple pages of the same type
  • Use regular or condensed Bootstrap schemes

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 10

Version 9.8 - June, 2017

  • Tabs and additional WHERE on List page
  • Export page in popup, export settings, choose fields and delimiter
  • Email templates
  • Field events
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SQL variables in SQL and Lookup wizards

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 9.8

Version 9.7 - March, 2017

  • Improved password hashing
  • 'Sort by' dropdown control
  • Grid row/field click actions
  • New APIs: Security API, Labels/Titles API, Tabs/Sections API, Search API, Ajax row click API
  • Improved appearance of cross-tab reports
  • Form field placeholders

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 9.7

Version 9.6 - Nov, 2016

  • 'Update selected' option
  • Change fields order on the List page in run time
  • Show/hide fields on the List page in run time

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 9.0

Version 9.0 - July, 2016

  • Bootstrap-based templates
  • New welcome/start page
  • Breadcrumbs menu
  • Master table info on Add/Edit/View of details
  • Master-details visual improvements
  • Desktop version of the application
  • PHP 7 support
  • AnyChart 7 support

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 8.1

Version 8.1 - September, 2015

  • Free-form design mode
  • OpenStreetMap ? Bing maps support
  • Linked dropdowns dependent by two and more fields
  • reCAPTCHA support
  • Maps in dashboards
  • Printing master and details together
  • Customizable errors display
  • Mobile template update

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 8.0

Version 8.0 - September, 2014

  • Dashboards
  • Multiple database connections (part of Enterprise Edition)
  • Import page with columns mapping
  • New Printer page/PDF options (portrait/landscape, fit to page, scale)
  • Copy field settings from another field function
  • Copy layout between Add, Edit and View pages
  • New style/color scheme (Coral)
  • 3-column and 4-column layouts for Add/Edit/View pages

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 7.1

Version 7.1 - February, 2014

  • Charts and reports drilldowns
  • Customizable set of columns per mobile device type
  • New dynamic permissions page
  • Filters with categories and subcategories
  • New multiselect options in Lookup wizard
  • New customizable style of popup windows
  • New login boxes: static, embedded or in popup
  • HTML5 input types

A complete list of new features in PHPRunner 7.0

Version 7.0 - October, 2013

  • Multiple menus, new menu styles
  • Filters
  • Revisions in Visual Editor
  • Custom CSS rules
  • Google-like search, search results highlighting
  • 'Prevent duplicate data' option
  • New datepickers
  • View as: Image, new option - show list of thumbnails with one large image preview.
  • Saving searches in the database for later retrieval

Version 6.2 - October, 2012

  • Multiple files upload, drag-n-drop files upload, automated filtering by file size and extension
  • Layout editor
  • Improved column and field resizing in Visual Editor
  • Add custom pages to your application
  • Mobile pages editing
  • Edit plugins

Watch "What's new in PHPRunner 6.1" webcast

Version 6.1 - April, 2012

  • Different field settings on Edit/Add/Search/View/List pages
  • Data encryption (Enterprise Edition feature)
  • Active Directory support (Enterprise Edition feature)
  • Facebook connect integration (Login via Facebook)
  • Masked Edit ('Edit as' control property)
  • Scrollable grids on the list page

Version 6.0 - October, 2011

  • Style Editor. Tons of professional looking layouts.
  • New modular layouts
  • Mobile template. Make sure your app looks good on mobile devices.
  • Crosstab reports
  • Intellisense in Event Editor
  • Built-in web server

Version 5.3 - October, 2010

  • Tabs/folding sections on Add/Edit/View pages
  • Display Add/Edit/View pages in popup
  • Partial (faster) project build
  • Auto-fill several fields on Add/Edit pages with values from lookup table
  • Edit control tooltips on Edit/Add pages
  • Export/import multilanguage labels to CSV file to edited in external editor
  • Different connection settings for dev/production environment
  • Revamped event editor. Filtering/search/hide empty events

Version 5.2 - February, 2010

  • Audit trail
  • Record locking
  • Edit/Add master-details tables on the same page
  • New FTP client. SFTP/FTPS support.
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Search panel (advanced search on the list page)
  • Charts update. Multiple series (unlimited), gauge charts (horizontal, vertical, circular), accumulation charts, scrollable charts, financial charts, bubble charts
  • Google maps widget
  • 'Insert button' feature. Add a button in Visual Editor and type in code to be executed after button is pressed.
  • New databases support: Informix, DB2, SQLite, any ODBC-enabled
  • Add CAPTCHA to any page (Edit/Add/Login/Password reminder etc)
  • AJAX-based pagination/sorting/search

Version 5.1 - May, 2009

  • Cascade menu builder
  • Validation plugins
  • New edit controls: Time picker, Set of checkboxes
  • Under the hood improvements:
    - smart database synchronization
    - reports performance improved
    - faster wizard navigation

Full list of new features in PHPRunner 5.1

Version 5.0 - October, 2008

  • DIV-based templates
  • Data Access Layer generator.
  • Templates Merge. Add a template to any existing project.
  • Lookup wizard with built-in search
  • Multilanguage table/field labels
  • Online report/chart builder (part of Enterprise Edition)
  • Master-details improvements
    - Multiple primary-foreign keys to link tables
    - Number of details records on the list page
    - Inline preview of details records

Full list of new features in PHPRunner 5.0

Version 4.2 - March, 2008

  • Dynamic permissions
  • Import data from CSV and Excel files
  • Resize images on upload and iBox support
  • Auto-update fields. Automatically insert a value into field every time record is updated (UpdateBy, UpdateTime, IP address of user etc)
  • Visual SQL Editor
  • Security features
    - Only allow complex passwords (mixed cases, non-alphanumeric characters)
    - Registration confirmation via email

Version 4.1 - September 18, 2007

  • New events/extended list of parameters available in each event
  • Inline Add/Edit on the list page. Add/Edit multiple records at once. Inline Add/Edit use the same input controls that appear on regular Add/Edit pages. All BeforeAdd/AfterAdd/BeforeEdit/AfterEdit events are supported by inline functions. Totals will be recalculated after new record is added or edited.
  • Security enhancements
    - Admin user is implemented as an Admin group which allows multiple admins
    - Separate OwnerID for each table
  • New, nice looking layouts
    Default, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Madrid, and London.

Version 4.0 - May 21, 2007

  • Reports (outline, stepped, align, block and tabular layouts)
  • Charts (line, pie, doughnut, horizontal/vertical bars, 3D charts etc.) We use Flash-based charts developed by
  • Business templates and visual themes
  • AJAX-based functionality
    - Google-like auto-suggest feature on basic and advanced search pages
    - AJAX-based dependent dropdown boxes mean faster page load
    - mouse over the link to Details to see detail records without proceeding to the details page
    - "Lookup wizard as Edit box" feature - edit box with autosuggest

Version 3.1.1 - February 8, 2007

  • Generate thumbnails for uploaded images. List/View pages will display a thumbnail with a link to full-size image. Thumbnails are supported for both database-based and file-based images.
  • More Rich Text Editors support:
    Basic RTE
    Innova Editor
  • Export to PDF
  • Print/export selected records

Version 3.1 - October 9, 2006

  • WYSIWYG visual editor. Tweak the visual appearance of any page with easy to use editor.
  • New Custom "View as" type. Use any PHP expression to display data the way you need.
  • Frontpage publishing

Version 3.0 - February 25, 2006

  • Events. Ability to call some PHP code before or after record is edited, deleted, added etc. Modify values before they are written to the database, say "no" to record deletion or update, send an email with new data etc.
  • Wizard for new database/tables creation
  • Multiple table aliases. Generate several views for the same database table
  • Encode passwords in database (optionally)
  • Add new items to database-driven drop-down boxes and listboxes on the fly
  • More search modes (and-or search, not search)
  • Major UI redesign. Quick switch between database tables on any page
  • Common header and footer on all pages. Put file named supertop.php to include folder to make it appear on the top of every generated page
  • Multiple records per row layout
  • Template Editor

Version 2.0 - June 9, 2005

  • Postgre, Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL Server support
  • Built-in FTP Client to upload PHP pages to the Web server
  • User self-register page, password reminder, change password pages
  • Multilingual templates. Ability to choose language while logging in
  • Use drop-down boxes, date-pickers, checkboxes on the Advanced search page
  • Allow direct links to Edit, Add, Search results page
  • Display "Please wait" message while search results page is loaded
  • Copy a record function
  • Tables menu on the list page. Allow to reorder tables in the tables menu
  • Multiple ORDER BY fields
  • Case-insensitive search
  • List boxes allow multiple selection
  • Linked dropdown boxes, filtered dropdown boxes, dropdown boxes with custom display
  • Upload files to the folder on the Web server. Use Edit as type "Document upload" and View as type "Document download" or "File-based image"

Version 1.1 - December 5, 2004

  • Easy to use wizard-like interface
  • Generates 100% pure PHP code
  • Number of search modes, advanced search
  • Add, view, edit, and delete pages, sort data
  • Master-detail tables relationship support
  • Database images displaying and upload
  • Password protected access to your database
  • Data validation on the edit page (email, number, date, credit card number, ZIP code, US state etc.)
  • Export results to Excel, Word, XML, CSV
  • Advanced security settings (allow users to edit their own data only, admin user, guest login, group based permissions)