HelpDesk template - make your customers happy!

Help your users and customers resolve their issues faster. Automate repetitive tasks, avoid typing the same answers over and over again, utilize the built-in knowledge base, pull incoming emails from the mail server or let customers use the webform to submit tickets.

Check the this live demo. You can see how it works from both the customer and support team perspectives.

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You can get this template for $50.

The Helpdesk template requires a valid license of version 10.5 or better of PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET.

Changes history

Version 1.0 - August 2021

  • Import emails from POP3/IMAP accounts or let your customers use a webform to submit tickets
  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Quick templates
  • Group tickets by status, priority, folder, or by assigned user

Version 1.1 - September 2021

  • Added to-do list for tickets
  • Who's online indication. You can see other support members online status and what ticket they work on.
  • Option for support team members to see all tickets or assigned tickets only


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List of tickets - support team view

Single ticket - support team view

List of tickets - customer view

Single ticket - customer view

Ticket checklist

System requirements

  • Version 10.5 or better of PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET
  • Supported databases are Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre

Frequently asked questions

How to configure incoming emails import?

1. (PHPRunner only) Enable imap extension in php.ini. If you are on a shared web hosting check with your hosting company support if this extension is enabled already.

2. Proceed to mail_settings table and modify path to store attachments. This can be either relative or absolute path. Make sure web server user has write permissions on that folder.

3. Proceed to email_servers table and add one or more pop3/imap servers. Interval between email checks is set in minutes.

4. Schedule a cron job to run getmail.php ( getmail for ASPRunner.NET i.e. https://website/project/getmail ) page every five or so minutes. If your website runs on Linux web server and you have access to crontab file you have two options here.

Method 1: Execute the script using php from the crontab

To execute cron.php every 5 minutes do the following:

Method 2: Run the php script using URL from the crontab

The URL to schedule is https://website/project/getmail.php. The following script executes the php script every 5 minutes by calling the URL using WGET. The -q option indicates quite mode. The "-O temp.txt" indicates that the output will be sent to the temporary file.

If you are not sure how to schedule a cron job open a free account with monitoring service like Montastic and add https://website/project/getmail.php URL to be pinged once a day or or once an hour.

How do I configure upload of files?

Make sure that web server user has write permissions on files folder.

What are "Quick templates" and how they work?

Quick templates are also known as canned replies or macros. These are small, frequently used text snippets that you can quickly insert using shortcuts. Take a look at "thank you for your interest in our software!" quick template setup below. You type "th", then press either CTRL+Space or press Space bar three times and this quick template will expand into its full text.

This is how it looks in action:

How to make Helpdesk template work with Dynamic Permissions?

The table with logins should contain a text field named usertype. It should contain the following values: сustomer - for сustomers, user - for support staff, admin - for admin group. Admin group usually needs full permissions on all tables.

Dynamic Permissions for customer group:

  • hd_categories -> Add, Edit, Delete, List/View, Export/Print
  • hd_direction -> Add, List/View, Delete, List/View, Export/Print
  • hd_messages -> Add, List/View( view,list_customer,search )
  • hd_tickets -> Add, Edit, Delete, List/View( list_customer,search )

Permissions for support staff group.

  • hd_categories -> Add, Edit, Delete, List/View, Export/Print
  • hd_direction -> Add, List/View, Delete, List/View, Export/Print
  • hd_folders -> List/View
  • hd_messages -> Add, List/View( view,list,search ) , Delete, List/View, Export/Print
  • hd_tickets -> Add, Delete, List/View( list,search )
  • kbarticles -> Add, Edit, Delete, List/View, Export/Print
  • kbcategories -> Add, Edit, Delete, List/View, Export/Print
  • main -> Add, Edit, Delete, List/View, Export/Print