Invoice template

The great thing about this template is that everything is editable on this page. Mouse over any text and click to edit it. Add more items, change/add clients, update your company info etc. Invoices can be saved, printed, exported to PDF, or emailed to the client via a secure link.

You can get this template for $50.

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If you are already own Invoice template v1 you can upgrade to version 2 for $25.

Note: The invoice template requires version 10.8 or better of PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET or ASPRunnerPro.

Changes history

Version 2.2 - May 2021

  • All labels are ready to be translated into different languages
  • New tax options: tax individual items, include or exclude tax in price, standard and reduced tax percentages

Version 2.1 - December 2020

  • Option to use different tax values for different items

Version 2.0 - December 2018

  • Template is converted to be compatible with version 10 of PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET
  • Added an option to pay invoices via Paypal or credit cards (via Stripe).

Screenshots and live demos

Live demo: Basic features of Invoice template

Type in invoice items manually or pick from auto-suggest list. Add new items on the fly.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I change the default values like company name and additional terms?

Logon to the Invoice project as an admin, proceed to 'Template Settings' and under 'Seller Settings' enter Seller info and click Save.

What is the easiest way to change the order of items already in invoice

You can simply re-order invoice items dragging them. Notice that item position will be updated automatically.

How do I change the way new items are added to invoice?

Proceed to the Page Designer, open Add page of 'invdetails' view and double-click 'item' field. The default edit type is 'Edit box with AJAX popup'. You can disallow free input or change edit type to 'Dropdown box'.

You can also change the default value of this field from "Title1" to something like 'Please select".

What databases Invoice template supports?

Invoice template supports Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre databases.

How do I make company name readonly field?

1. Proceed to Page Designer, open Invocies Add page, double-click on Company field and make it a "Readonly" field.

2. Proceed to Events page, choose Invoices - Add page - Javascript OnLoad event and comment out or remove the following line of code:

How to use a custom currency symbol

To do so add the following code to AfterAppInit event via Event Editor. In this example SAR is your custom currency symbol.


ASPRunner.NET (C#)


Can I use Invoice template as a checkout solution for my website?

Glad you asked. There is an article in our blog that explains how to add checkout functionality to your project using Invoice template.