PHPRunner project templates

A Template is a framework that creates a themed web site much quicker and with less effort. You can think of a template as a starting point for your project. Each template includes PHPRunner project, pre-built web pages, and a script for creating tables in MySQL database.

Templates are comfortable to work with. The user does not have to worry about creating the database structure or the tables or even the layout of the web pages. All you need to do is select the desired template in PHPRunner and build the project.

PHPRunner offers a large number of application templates - ready-made themed websites with a complete graphical interface and database structure. All of the templates are easy to work with and completely customizable. The template could be used as a stand-alone website or could be integrated with other PHPRunner web applications.

Free templates

Knowledge Base
Real Estate
Vacation Houses

Templates pack

To complement the list of our built-in application templates we offer three more templates that make up the Templates Pack that could significantly enhance your web application. The Templates Pack includes the Shopping Cart template, Calendar template and Members template. The Templates Pack is available for purchase to all existing PHPRunner users and is 100% guaranteed to integrate with your other PHPRunner projects.

Survey template

Survey template helps you build professionally looking web surveys. You can create surveys, add groups and questions, provide answers choices. Once created survey can be activated or taken offline. You can change the look and feel by simply choosing one of the visual templates.

More info on Survey template

Quiz template

Quiz template allows you quickly build simple tests for your student or website visitors.

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