Version 10.6


PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET v10.6 are here!

Trial version download links

If you purchased PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET less than one year ago you can logon to the control panel and download the registered version of the software there.

What’s new in this version

1. New security providers in version 10.6

New security providers: Azure AD, OKTA, SAML, OpenID. An option to combine multiple security providers i.e. you can use Active Directory together with database-based security.

2. Session expiration control

Non-expiring sessions, control over session expiration time, session expiration warning.

3. Visual improvements in version 10.6

Easily select a background image for any page. New layouts for Login and Register pages. A number of preinstalled images to choose from.

4. Dashboards API

Not yet included in this beta. Access any dashboard table or other object from API

5. HTML email templates (built-in and via API)

Applies to both built-in emails and emails that you can send from the events code.

6. RTL support in PDF

Now right-to-left text can be properly exported to PDF.

7. PHP only functionality

– Switch to PHPSpreadSheet for Excel export
– PHP 8.0 support

8. Upload files to cloud providers

Not yet included in this beta: an option to upload files to cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.

9. Notifications API

Not yet included in this beta: Notifications API (notifications icons on the toolbar)

10. AnyChart print/export/save as image

Not yet included in this beta.

21 thoughts on “Version 10.6

  1. very nice, waiting for the PHP 8 support!

    I am using DigitalOcean Spaces, it has similar syntax to AWS S3, i hope it is part of the upload to Cloud too!

  2. I would be gratefull if you guys include a calendar application such as google calendar and a check list application such as the admin rights page that the app has.

    Love you Guys.

  3. New security providers: Azure AD – So Cool!!!!!!!!!! All new features look Super. Good Luck on the new release.

  4. You guys just keep making it better and better! Loyal PHPR user since version 8 almost 10 years ago. Amazing product.

  5. Wow. This should be version 11.0.

    Great new features. Wow. Everything I was looking for the next update to my site.

  6. Awesome Sergey,

    Your team does not stop ! I am very happy at the recent developments.

    Wish you good luck and happy new year for you and your team.

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