DevClub - kickstart your developer skills


This is a member-only club that will host three live webinars a month where one of our developers will cover intermediate and expert-level techniques related to web development in general and specifically to PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET.

Sessions will be one hour long. All webinars will be recorded and available to members for download.

* by subscribing you get access to all previously recorded webinars

Sample recorded webinars

Database optimization

  • Finding long running SQL queries
  • Building query execution plan
  • Adding indexes
  • Best practices

Building smart data entry forms

    Data Entry scenarios set at design time and runtime - static or data driven
  • Field Default Values
  • Field Masking
  • Field Validation
  • Field Spinner increment value, Min and Max Value limits
  • Business Rule implementation to disable/enable or hide/show or color - fields, groups, tabs
  • Tab order control
  • Displaying validation message next to submit button

Working with QuickBooks REST API

  • Creating and account, creating an app, getting API keys.
  • Getting a list of products, customers and invoices
  • Implementing pagination
  • Implementing View page functionality
  • Implementing Add/Edit/Delete fucntionality
  • Linking data as master-details

Debugging web applications

  • Debugging Javascript using Chrome Developer Tools
  • Debugging PHP code (xDebug)
  • Debugging C# code (Visual Studio)

Building secure web applications

  • Location of file-based databases
  • Location of uploaded files folder
  • Password hashing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Permissions configuration in PHPRunner/ASPRunner.NET
  • Turning off detailed error messages
  • Preventing SQL injection
  • Prohibiting remote access to your database
  • Best practices