Version 10.3 of PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET and ASPRunnerPro


PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET, ASPRunnerPro 10.3 is here! If you purchased the software less than twelve months ago you can logon to the control panel and find download links and registration keys under ‘My purchases’. There should be ‘Reg info’ link next to your latest purchase.

Customers who purchased more than twelve months ago can renew their maintenance using links below:

PHPRunner maintenance

ASPRunner.NET maintenance

ASPRunnerPro maintenance

Trial version download links:

Here is what’s new in this update.

1. Separate permissions for additional pages

It will apply to both Static and Dynamic permissions

2. Filters – grouping

If you have a database of orders and need to group it by date intervals like months or years – this feature comes handy.

3. Login via Google

Same as login via Facebook.


Here are some PDF API use cases.

  • Create PDF, ask for user’s email, email PDF file to that email address
  • Create PDF, ask user for file name, save it on the hard drive under that name
  • Create PDF and save in the database
  • Email selected records as separate PDF files

5. Dialog API

This is a really small but useful extension we developed while working on PDF API. Let’s say you quickly need to ask the user for some info. Now there is no need to create a separate page for this purpose.

Here is the code that you can use in any Javascript event or button:

return ctrl.dialog( {
	title: 'Enter email',
	fields: [{
		name: 'email',
		label: 'Email',
		value: ''

And this is how it looks in the generated application.

6. Web.config editing

ASPRunner.NET only. Users will be able to modify web.config from ASPRunner.NET adding all required sections and variables.

7. BeforeConnect event

ASPRunner.NET only. It allows implementing dynamic connection strings. Useful in multi-tenant web applications or to retrieve connection string from Azure Key-vault.

8. Edit HEAD section

A separate HEAD section per project. Add favicons, meta tags, links to CSS/JS files etc.

9. Single Sign-On via JSON Web tokens

JSON web tokens is a secure, cryptographically protected way of exchanging data over the network. JSON Web tokens are encrypted with a secret key specific to your application. If you want your users to log in only once into all the applications, make all these projects use the same secret key. Specify the same JWT secret key for all your projects on the Security screen -> Session keys dialog. This will allow different projects to verify the tokens of each other.

10. Picture background in PDF export files

This would be an option of ‘PDF View’ button added in Page Designer. You can simply browse and choose an image to be the background of this specific PDF export page.

11. New LDAP/AD options

– an option to specify LDAPS protocol and port number.

– an option to specify Organizational Units ( OU ) in the wizard software.

12. New Javascript APIs

JS GridRow object, AJAX helper object, PDF API, new RunnerPage object functions.

12. common_function.js

Proceed to Event Editor, find custom_function.js at the end of the list on the left side and add your Javascript code there. This Javascript code will be load on every page of your application.

29 thoughts on “Version 10.3 of PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET and ASPRunnerPro

  1. There are some really nice enhancements. I am so happy I am one of your loyal customers. Xlinesoft does NOT disappoint. You guys are fantastic. Thank you for your continued efforts making your software so awesome.

  2. This is amazing you continue to improve on an amazing product every month. I am happy to be a customer if your company.

  3. Together with the dialogues it would be nice if you introduced sweetalert.js replacing the standard browser dialogues.

  4. I can’t keep up! That’s a good problem. Great new features, as always. I hope/assume the page securities will be available via the security API. That is exactly what I need.

    The dialog API is great too.


  5. Congrats for fantastic new features. great job!!
    Will/Could PDF API interact with a function or event that would automatically generate a report in PDF format at a specific time every day (even if no user is logged in) and send it (also automatically) by email to someone specified?

    Sergey, thank you once more for this great product you are delivering…


  6. The software becomes better and better. Point 2 stands out for me. If I understand it correctly, it will be similar to what I like to call, an interval match, where you create a table matching discrete numeric values to one or more numeric intervals, and optionally matching the values of one or several additional keys. And then point 3, Login via Google. Thank you very much Xlinesoft for this outstanding product and improvements.

  7. The dialog box is great. How would you gain access to these values back to PHP? Also, can we use this dialog box for warning/confirmation messages without input fields?

  8. Excellent job on the latest version.

    This is probably crazy but here is my wish list for future versions:
    Box integration for pictures and files
    Speech to text form completion

  9. PDF will not print the barcoded in the page while converting, we used barcode plugin form marketplace in print page, it displays good in print page but will show blank column in converted pdf page, hope it can be rectified.

  10. Great!

    One suggestion which was asked before in the forum by myself:

    Setting of use-defined custom session name for project (currently i set manually in the db_common.php)..

    This allows different projects to run within same domain, yet easy to integrate with any external files.

    Very often I integrate external files with phprunner app and there is a need to set session name on both phpr app and external app. Having able to set the session name in the phpr project would be useful.

    Dynamic session name on phprunner is not ideal because we also need to set the external files’ session name.


  11. Its really fantastic.
    Think about set some page to permit send massive messages to emails stored in mysql tables.
    I d like to send messages to all registed supliers, for example.
    I am user of 9.8 version phprunner.

  12. Will the JSON web token allow using as a single-sign on in one application?, where the user with one private device be able to only sign in once and maybe have the token expire in like for example 90 days. This is so they don’t have to sign on every time they use one application. Great articles looking forward to using 10.3.

  13. I have Upgrade to PHPRunner Professional US$ 199.00 in March 20, 2019, but I cant find license for 10.3 in my support account

  14. Sometimes result of a filter in filter panel may be lengthy. In such a scenario, it will be fantastic if the filter items are reduced to a dropdown or a menu of some sort. I hope that version 10.3 could have that improvement.

  15. Is it possible to add new feature like drag & drop rows to reorder the ordering of records at 10.3 ?? than it will be great. Now a days, others php Framework like yii2 have this kind of features.

  16. Its really fantastic.
    Think about set some page to permit send massive messages to emails stored in mysql tables.
    I d like to send messages to all dedicated party, for example.
    Thank you for your continued efforts making your software so awesome.
    Sometimes result of a filter in filter panel may be lengthy. In such a scenario, it will be fantastic if the filter items are reduced to a dropdown or a menu of some sort

  17. A realy create piece of software.
    Thanks for your great support (also for beginners ;-))
    and the continuous development!


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