Version 10.5 of PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET and ASPRunnerPro is here!

What’s new in this version

1. Reports editing in Page Designer

2. New Visual features (AdminLTE like).

3. Excel-like editing AKA Spreadsheet mode. Once this option is enabled the list page will load in Spreadsheet mode with all records editable. All changes to data will be saved automatically.

Also, there is an option to add a new record automatically once you click TAB while in the last column of the last record. Ideal for entering large amounts of data using the keyboard only.

4. OKTA authentication (will be ready in the final version)

5. Dialog API enhancements (lookups, date pickers, data validation )

6. SweetAlerts based popup confirmations popups.

7. Two-factor authentication now supports email and Google Authenticator.

There are options like make 2FA mandatory, “Remember this machine for two weeks” and also users can turn 2FA on and off on their profile page.

8. Better business templates integration, it will be easier to add multiple business templates to the project.
Also, we are working on revamping some built-in business templates look, see updated Cars template screenshot.

9. New mapping functionality (,, and also we will use free Google Maps Embed API for simple maps like ‘View as’ Map)

10. User profile page ( 2fa – phone, email, Google Authenticator (TOTP), profile picture)

11. Reorder records by drag and drop. This will not be available in the beta version but will be a part of the final version.

4 thoughts on “Version 10.5

  1. So nice, new version with lots of improvements and functionalities. how report bugs in beta. Found hardcore username passwords not working properly, form Will not take the user to menu page after login, You can reach menu page by typing menu.php after login attempt, but no option to logout, it shows login in the place of logout.

  2. “save password” is missing after enabled 2FA. i don’t think it has any conflict with is better to have it along with 2FA.

  3. IMO, This will be one of the best updates since page designer… Reports editing itself is worth the upgrade cost. Other options like 2FA and Spreadsheet editing are a huge plus. Xlinesoft continues to impress and raise the bar.

    Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the improvements. I also faced some problems. Js functions on page load only works for the first time of page load but when I go to other pages by pagination or use filter or search they don’t as if they are not called!

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