Building dynamic database charts with PHPRunner

Charts provide a quick and easy way to visualize even the most complex data. PHPRunner allows you to build database-based charts (Line, pie, doughnut, horizontal/vertical bars, 3D and others).

With PHPRunner you can create, customize, preview and deploy any chart with just a few mouse clicks. Right in the PHPRunner's Visual Editor environment you can copy and paste any chart to any other page (i.e. report/list/view/another chart) which will allow you to quickly build powerful dashboards with multiple graphs on the same page.

Charts require the data fields that store numeric values. However, you can build a chart based on any data if you are using aggregate functions.

Consider the following Orders table:

Customer Country Total
Andrew Peters USA $250
Katie Bradshow Australia $85
Jeff Simpson USA $150
Arnold Matteus Germany $120
Arnold Matteus Germany $160
Jeff Montgomery GB $150
Andrew Peters USA $65
Jeff Simpson USA $95
Luke Sohu France $40
Jeff Montgomery GB $120

Example 1: Total Sales per country

This query produces the following results:

Country Stotal
USA $560
Germany $280
GB $270
Australia $85
France $40

Example 2: Number of orders per country

This query produces the following results:

Country Ctotal
Germany 2
GB 2
Australia 1
France 1