PHPRunner 9.0, ASPRunnerPro 9.5, ASPRunner.NET 9.0 released


PHPRunner 9.0, ASPRunnerPro 9.5, ASPRunner.NET 9.0 released (July 22nd, 2016).

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‘Buy now’ pages




Upgrade pages




Important: if you purchased PHPRunner, ASPRunnerPro or ASPRunner.NET before July 1st 2015 you have till September 1st, 2016 to use discounted upgrade option. After September 1st, 2016 you will have to purchase software at the full price. Do not miss your chance to upgrade for less.

Bootstrap templates and themes

New version comes with 15 Bootstrap themes and you can add your own. Where to find best Bootstrap themes

New start page

This is a menu page upgrade. Once finished it will look like this one, you will be able to choose a several most important menu items and display them on start page along with short description.

Once finished it will look like this.

Breadcrumbs menu

Right now it only appears on List pages. Will be added to Add/View/Edit pages as well.

Master table info on Add/Edit/View of details

Master-details visual improvements

We added an option to display number of details in nice rounded colored badges.

More options to customize master table Add/Edit/View pages

When you need to Add or Edit master and details together you can just drag-n-drop details tables where they need to appear.

And this is how it looks in generated application.

Desktop version of the application

This feature will be available in PHPRunner only and desktop apps will run on Windows only. We’ll see if this can be extended to other platforms.

PHP 7 support

This is, apparently, PHPRunner only.

AES encryption option

Part of Enterprise Edition

AnyChart 7 support

We upgraded to AnyChart v7 for charting purposes. Better look, better performance, native HTML 5 charts.

46 thoughts on “PHPRunner 9.0, ASPRunnerPro 9.5, ASPRunner.NET 9.0 released

  1. This is a great addition to PHPR!

    Developers will no longer need to circumvent the native templating behavior to get a clean and polished look.

    Well done Sergey & Crew… I can’t wait to try the Beta.

  2. What does this mean exactly?

    Desktop version of the application
    This feature will be available in PHPRunner only and desktop apps will run on Windows only. We’ll see if this can be extended to other platforms.

  3. i like boostrap templates i have the runner enterprise, my question is, do i have to pay for those templates, if so how much?

  4. Hi
    Great step forward
    Do you have a template how it looks on tablet and mobile phones
    Thanks for your work
    Best regards
    Thomas Rauch, fire chief

  5. Great news. I’ve been developing with PHPR for more than 5 yars and you always find ways to improve the product.
    Can’t wait!!!

  6. Hi,

    happy to see the new Improvements in the template options but I am sorry I am not impressed because having bootstrap means its also a mobile responsive site with theme colors changeable using the theme.css file of bootstrap.

    I tried looking at the demo in browser mobile responsive layouts … and it didnt changed its layout at all.

    Hope to see that soon.


  7. This is the most wanted feature in phprunner. Another most wanted is Master details validation. In most finance transaction we need to validate details before saving master record. Like in journal voucher entry debit amount must be equal to credit amount and there must be 2 detail records before saving voucher but in PHPrunner we dont have control

  8. Looks great. How much rework will be necessary to move a PHPrunner 8.1 implementation to PHPrunner 9. Will it reset each page to default?

  9. Bootstrap is great! This is a wonderful addition, thanks Sergey!
    But I have always thought of Bootstrap as responsive and Mobile First. PHPRunner has a separate Mobile Template. I’m not sure I understand how this is going to work. Could you describe it for my small brain please?

  10. Bootstrap will really give that extra edge to an already great tool. Been hoping templates would go this way at some point. Thanks for moving the product forward so well.

  11. @Steve
    This template does appear to be responsive. The tables as they are designed in this demo are not good for mobile. I assume we could use vertical for mobile pages.

  12. What about the pricing?

    Would appreciate any info on pricing for the new edition, and whether it will be beneficial for us to get licensing on the new version or upgrading from the previous version?

    Thank you!

  13. I was going to purchase the current version of PHPRunner this week. As you noted, prices may be going up. If I purchase it this week or next prior to the final release, will I be eligible for the 9.0 version or required to pay yet an additional cost?


  14. Congratulations.
    Everything is very good , but support PHP 7 is for me the best

  15. Hi
    I have installed the PHP 9.0 trial version
    When I press BUILD button info that only 200 build are allowed but nothing happens!!!
    Please come back asap with a solution

  16. Hi Sergey,

    congrats!! The bootstrap-integration is a very helpful feature in php-runner. You and all of your staff did a very good job! I fear, now is starting the longest timeperiod in history of menkind: the next few days up to the final 9.0 …. I can hardly wait for it!


  17. and I can open a verion 8.1 project but nothing happens if I will rebuild this in the version 9.0!!! only when I create a new version 9.0 project it works

  18. Dear Team
    Thanks for offering another excellent stuff, we actually are in need of that kind of improvements.
    I currently would like to highlight some general issues (not relating to version 9), you may consider them as Suggestions.

    1. PHPRunner has settings options, which are once checked are available for every project. Please Add Date_Time zone drop down in settings, so we can make some region as default instead of adding code for each project in after app init event.

    2. Also add Date, Time, Currency and Number Format/options in settings, so we can configure them once and they are available for all projects, instead of changing them in misc and visual editor screen.

    3. Also please consider adding default calendar option in settings. Currently we have to change default pop up based date_time calendar by clicking on each date field.

    4. On datasource tables screen (left pane) please add two options for sorting the display of tables, reports, custom views etc (i) default (current pattern) (ii) as per menu structure

    5. On datasource tables screen (right pane) we already have arrange tables option, kindly add option for arranging tables as per (i) menu structure (ii) as per master child relation

    6. Visual Editor screen, in free form mode, when we add a table its relevant label should also be added automatically. Also make label (i) sticky to move with field (ii) non-sticky to place anywhere as per user choice (current pattern)

    7. Add events designer, for example we usually send emails after record, save/edit. if you can provide editor for arranging/designing email design within PHPRunner it will be awesome

    8. You may also redesign the start screen of PHPRunner (means in single screen you can show recent projects, templates icons and new project creation options, instead of displaying them in two columns.

    I’ve downloaded PHPRunner V9.0 and will get back to you once i finished testing it.

  19. Great development. I have tested the beta version and really cannot wait for the full release. Well done!

  20. great work, I wish Bootstrap templates to support right to left (RTL) better than it is now.

  21. In PHPRunner 9.0 build 26521 , register (register.php) can’t add a new user properly.
    Please check it out. Thank you.

  22. Sergey,
    truly the ever best decision taken since long, here to jump into the “looks pretty, shines truly” responsive screen arena as indeed such optical update was over-due since long in regard to world’s best RAD tool ever. Say, while developers are mainly focussed on coding issues, the consumers don’t and are judging a product by its good looking shape. Many congrats from my end on this, stay tuned.

  23. Sergey,


    PHP runner is amazing! And is getting better every time.
    All business is running on data. PHP runner helps unlocking data in a friendly way.


  24. When will PHPRunner 9.0 enterprise be available? Will items created in 8.1 Enterprise port into 9.0 easily?

    Love PHPRunner, thanks for it!


  25. Hi, im about choosing a phpgenerator between phprunner, and some other softwares like phpmaker mysql mastero and…

    seems like php runner is best of them and have all features i need im using version 9.6 trial.
    i have like 18 tables and some records in, everything works well. (i get red watermakr of trial version and i know it will removed in full versions)

    i want to know how many table / records can generated app run?
    in trial and standard and enterprise or its unlimited?
    i dont know how many my server can support.

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