PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET 10.9 are here!

Trial version download links

If you purchased PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET less than 12 months ago, proceed to the control panel and download the registered version 10.8 there under ‘My purchases’. Use ‘Reg info’ link next to your latest purchase.

This new version features the following improvements:

Excel-like filters in field headers on List page

The feature many of you asked for and now it is here.

To enable it proceed to the Page Designer, open the List Page, click on the fields in the grid header and on the right-side settings panel select ‘Filter’ and ‘Apply to all fields’. There also will be additional ways to enable this feature as well.

Users can now enable multiple 2FA methods

Each user can now select which 2FA methods they can use to protect their account.

New Menu API functionality

Menu elements can be added or removed in the custom code. You can, for instance, load the whole menu from the database now.

PHPRunner manual link

ASPRunner.NET manual link

Improved page load speed

This is being achieved by reducing the number of JS and CSS files, something that we need to do from time to time to keep the page load speed under control.

Notifications API update

Implemented fine-tuned permissions system to define who can see notifications:
– a specific user only
– specific group members only
– only users logged via Active Directory or via Google
– only users who have access to a specific page
– only users who have access to a specific record

PHPRunner manual link

ASPRunner.NET manual link

New totals options

You can choose between displaying current page totals and all data in the table totals.

Added Swal2 library for popups

Now you can simply use any code example from Swal2 library.

Upgraded jQuery library

The latest stable version of jQuery 3.6 is now bundled with PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET.

Full PHP 8.2 support

What it says, PHP 8.2 is fully supported.

Another minor upgrade is planned in January-February

– SQL and REST Views functionality improvements
– a bunch of minor improvements and fixes related to security, login and registration pages


14 thoughts on “Version 10.9

  1. We are looking forward to the new stable version.
    Phprunner is constantly improving its good quality and its versions give us more confidence. low code and no code system our favorite is phprunner, thanks, you’re awesome.

  2. PHPRunner continues to be my ‘go to’ tool for building web-based business applications, and each upgrade increases its relevance. I’m always surprised by my ‘hey that’s a good feature’ packed into every upgrade. Keep up the great work😃

  3. Totals options are going incredibly useful. Thank you for the continued support of your products through the years.
    PHPRunner is always on the cutting edge, which in turn keeps us developers ahead of the game as well…

  4. When you see new features added, you feel like.. ‘Yes, this is exactly what I wanted but never told Xlinesoft, how did they know?’
    No other no code low code program stands near PHPRunner.

  5. Amazing features coming, can’t wait to see it.
    Till when can we expect the stable release? Please advice.

  6. Great progress Sergey. Can you also add an option to security, to be able to set the number of days after which the user is forced to change their password please, as we are seeing this request a lot more now? Thanks

  7. First I would like to Thank all Xlinesoft Teams, for beaing freindly and helpfull .
    I’m going to mentions that some Business managers wants to have the applications as mobile app ” Android and/or IOS “, so responsive web not solving the problem, and developing Web-view also still not satisfying them.
    I hope Xlinesoft help us as always they do.
    Thanks again Xlinesoft

  8. Thank you for continues improvement more features. Cant wait hopefully stable version will be available soon to be implemented on production

  9. Nice work, the totals thing and the excel-style filters, and the page load speed-up are all very big deals. Thanks.

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