PHPRunner 8.1, ASPRunnerPro 9.1, ASPRunner.NET 8.1 released

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Great news! PHPRunner 8.1, ASPRunnerPro 9.1, ASPRunner.NET 8.1 released. Grab your copy now.

PHPRunner 8.1

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ASPRunner.NET 8.1

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ASPRunnerPro 9.1

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Mobile template v2

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Here is the list of new features in this update.

Free-form design mode

You are no longer required to use HTML tables to arranger fields on Add/Edit/View forms. Turn on free-form mode and drag-n-drop fields and labels where they need to be. This mode is available on Add/Edit/View pages and also on List page in vertical mode.

This is an example of List page edited in free form mode.

This is how it looks in generated application.

Multistep Add/Edit pages

Turn Add/Edit pages into multistep wizard-like pages.

OpenStreetMap and Bing maps support, new geocoding settings

Linked dropdowns dependent by two and more fields

Sample MakeYearModel table.

We want user to select Make first, then YearOfMake and only list those Models that match this selection. YearOfMake is dependent on Make, Model is dependent on both Make and YearOfMake.

This is how it looks in generated application.

Actions after Add/Edit pages

Sample AfterEdit actions:
– stay on the Edit page
– go to the View page
– edit next record
– edit previous record

You can also choose what to do after “Edit in popup” action is completed (close popup or keep it open).


Added industry standard reCAPTCHA support. Better UI and works on all mobile devices. Flash-based CAPTCHA is still supported for compatibility purposes.

Maps in dashboards

Maps can be a part of dashboard now. There are two different map modes. Map can serve as master, you can zoom in into any area on the map and related grid will only shows records in this region. In other words you can use map to filter grid contents. In second mode map simply shows all the same records that appear in the grid.

New ‘View as’ Map settings

Choose custom icons to display on the map. Custom icon source can be another database field with image name or PHP expression. You can use this functionality to display different icons for different types of objects or even a custom icon for each record.

Edit details records in dashboards

Edit/Add/Delete details records in dashboards.

New display mode of master-details

New option – show an icon instead of the list of details tables. Details tables shown in the tabs below. Especially useful when you have lots of details tables.

Printing master and details together

Brand new feature – you can print master and details records together. You can choose which details table to print.

This is how it looks in the live application.

Customizable error display

You can choose to display a standard error message or your own error message.

You can also see error happening in AJAX mode i.e. when page is displayed in popup or error happening in button’s code.

Mobile template update

Mobile template was redesigned to provide better user experience. Added fixed headers and footers with quick access to page actions.

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