PHPRunner 8.0/ASPRunnerPro 9.0/ASPRunner.NET 8.0

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PHPRunner 8.0/ASPRunnerPro 9.0/ASPRunner.NET 8.0 are here. Purchase info and download links.

Click any image to see the full size screenshot.

Major new features

  1. Dashboards
  2. Multiple database connections (part of Enterprise Edition)
  3. Import page with columns mapping
  4. New Printer page/PDF options (portrait/landscape, fit to page, scale)


Dashboards allow you to display multiple related or unrelated objects on the same page like grids, single record views, master and details together, charts, reports, search pages etc. Here are a couple of examples.

Orders table, along with details (Order Details and Customers) and single Orders table record view.

Live demo

Fun functionality to watch:

  • click any Orders table line to see Order Details and single record being changed
  • use single record view Next/Prev buttons to loop through records. Orders and Order Details grids will be refreshed automatically
  • edit any Order in single record view to see Orders grid updated
  • Multiple details table within the same view
  • Multiple pages within the same single record view (Add/Edit/View)

Several tables and charts that are not related to each other.

Live demo

Dashboard with search

Search chart and data grid at the same time.

Live demo

Multiple database connections

This feature will be the part of Enterprise Edition. You can add multiple datasources to your project. Doesn’t have to be the same database type, you can mix MS Access, SQL Server and MySQL in single PHPRunner project.

You can have master table in MySQL and details table in MS Access. The same applies to lookup tables, they do not have to belong to the same database.

Import page

Two major improvements here are columns mapping and an option to copy/paste import data instead of uploading the file. The later can be extremely on mobile devices.

Copy a few lines of data from Excel. Do not have to include column headers.

Paste it to the import page.

Map columns and import.

Live demo Make sure to export some data first.

New Printer page/PDF options

Choose between portrait and landscape orientation, fine tune PDF export by setting the scale.

Minor new features

Mostly related to PHPRunner UI.

Improved start page

Tables/pages filtering on all screens

Proper handling of tables that were renamed in the database

Improved table selection dialog

Copy field settings from another field

Coral style/color scheme

3-column and 4-column layouts for Add/Edit/View pages

As usually, your feedback is very welcome!

67 thoughts on “PHPRunner 8.0/ASPRunnerPro 9.0/ASPRunner.NET 8.0

  1. I’m looking for a secure ecommerce website to sell t-shirts online. The cart needs to accept paypal or credit cards securely and it needs to deal with shipping (USPS, UPS, FEDEX) and taxes. Would PHP Runner be a good match? Thanks.

  2. Dear Team,

    From my point of view i wait for more pdf make function like :

    Example 1
    -we have table with personal data and try to generate Agreements (template may be defined from UI) with used some parts of data in PDF

    Example 2
    We generate statistic with EU Heder and footer using the same in whole documents and all kind of documents (EU details must be the same)

    Example 3
    We want to add icons (with pdf generate from list) for specific record (regards to Example 1) on list page ,and add another button with generate 1 pdf file for all selected person as sum of pdf for each one

    If it is possible i may pay for adding this extensions

  3. Bravo!!!

    These are all killer features. Dashboard features seems to have the right amount of features needed to create a robust control center. Love the import feature… I’ve had to implement workarounds and external libraries in the past to mirror this functionality; however, being native in PHPR is incredibly helpful.

    Once again, Sergey & Crew launch meaningful improvements in a steady and consistent manner. I can’t wait to try this new version out!

  4. Nice New Features especially dashboard however if we have another major feature of adding child data in popup that would be great. Add inline does not work well when you have many fields and it also does not look good.
    Also in minor if we have button on visual editor to copy add/edit customization to view.

  5. Dear, really this is a mayor upgrade!! nice. Could you add some autosave feature, but for entire project, not in form view (that is good to). The main idea is return to a previous version and make improvements or unmade changes…

    Sergey & Crew, your are the best!

  6. a) Please add an option to export in jpeg the table mapping. So we can have a picture of all the tables and how they are connected between each other.

    This would be a very great feature!

    The multiple database connetion is great! Thanks

  7. hello dashboard seems to be the biggest and greatest features of all.
    1/ Do you plan to make each area of the dashboard resizable (manually a bit like columm resize feature)? and/or autoresizable area ( I have to scroll on the demo page to see all the dashboard left-right)
    2/ Each user should be able to somehow define its own dashboard ( webuser have a dahboard with their own order, employee have a dashboard with global orders , CEO have a dashboard with all stores graphics etc) / and or each user can choose what to add to dashboard. (dashboard based on group user/ and dynamic dasbboard ( like rights permission on enterprise edition))
    3/ would be nice to update templates with dashboard ( store and membership templates).

  8. Sergey,

    I can’t wait! The multi-database and import feature seem killer and will save me countless hours monthly updating several projects. It looks like I will finally be able to combine the SQL database tables with the mySQL database tables and move away from a distributed Access program to a online solution.

  9. Excellent! Once again, implementing things I didn’t even know I needed, or were possible. That import feature is amazing and will help so much! And I’ve been waiting for the dashboard; and it looks fantastic! And multi-db; no more views to lookup data in other dbs. Love it all!

    Thanks for continuing to improve on an already great product and making the rest of us look good.

  10. It looks great, when will we get it? – even a beta version ….

    I would like to see the improvement to colour selection as per: Ticket 314016: Re: Colour recommendation.

    It really does look good , and I can’t wait

    Keep up the good work

  11. Seems to be a realy heavy upgrade.
    Fantastic the Dashboards that of course is preconfigured in phprunner or it’s possibile that the users configure that by them self to make a personilized dashborad?
    very very great also all other features.

    Thank you

  12. Once again, Brilliant. Especially the dashboard. I have been requested to provide this functionality and you have just saved me substantial development time. Can’t wait for this release.

  13. Once again, great additions to an already great product. Sergey please consider adding a hierarchy style of security option that allow managers to only see their respective groups but a CEO to see everyone, etc..

    Sign me up when it is ready! You already have sold me on the upgrade with just the dashboard feature!


  14. Hiii, this new features are great … but sir/mam, i truely await for a change where phprunner can have support for custom pages as well…

    For example – A custom input needs to be made under the web App of phprunner, so phprunner would provide header, footer and menu cols and space for custom code .. this page shld be saved along with with other pages of phprunner – this work is done by writing external code without using phprunner… which is troublesome.

    Same way a custom printing page as & when required for reports/tables section
    Example – A Quotation format [parent & child records] report could be made for printing in quote table section
    A slightly different layout for printing invoices in invoice section.

    These pages are made by creating external pages, i request to support creating such pages internally .

    Best Regards, Abdeali

  15. Dashboard is exciting but it doesn’t size to the scree properly and the user cannot customize the layout. Hope that will be in the pipeline. Also it would be great if the PDF report is programmable.

    Permit me to also suggest support for REST.

    Looking forward to the release.

  16. Great additions, love the dashboard (request of many users) and the print option
    looking forward when the new revision will be available.

  17. WOW!!! I love that new stuff!!! I’m really excitetd to test it…
    thx to everybody in the team

  18. Sergey, what is the possibility that a Dashboard could also display an external script or application not built via PHPRunner 8?

    I have a base WordPress install and multiple PHPRunner projects sitting in separate folders inside the WordPress Themes folder.

    In the WordPress installation I create the opening page that contains the Menu links that direct the User to various PHPRunner logins on the same website.

    Is there a possibility to drop a WordPress widget or plugin display into any of the PHPRunner 8 Dashboards sitting in the Themes folder path?

  19. Great improvements and additions. They are practical and needed in the real world. Native Dashboards saves time spent in working around to achive Dashboard functionality.
    Can Not wait for the Multiple database connections features.
    Foreward XLineSoft, Thanks Sergey and PHPR Crew.


  20. This looks great. The multiple database connection is highly wanted (not necessarily just for big projects), and the dashboard feature is what many of us have been looking for, instead of having the final user (or yourself) switching from page to page depending on what he needs to do.

    >>> BUT will this version be able to let us choose/restrict precisely and easily (without coding or editing generated code) what search options an END-USER can use for a given field?

    Too many options are confusing (and most often irrelevant) for an end user, and the general basic search is not enough when it comes to actually perform a specific search. In extreme situations, it can even end up in end-users spamming the server with “silly” queries.

    What I mean is, to take a simple example (something like looking for an item rental):

    Time frame wanted: search option allowed BETWEEN date (nothing else)

    Minimum price: search option allowed HIGHER THAN (or >= option too) (nothing else)

    Maximum price: search option allowed LOWER THAN (or <= option too) (nothing else)

    Item choice: search option allowed EQUAL IN A DROP-DOWN LIST (nothing else)

    Item option: search option allowed EQUAL IN A DROP-DOWN LIST dependent of the first list (linked lists are already in PHPrunner) (nothing else)

    Tag word: search option allowed CONTAINS (nothing else) and possibly IN SEVERAL FIELDS or JUST IBE

    That's actually the kind of form that is highly needed for END-user applications. ( a now disappeared competitor of PHPrunner, db…, offered it in a very versatile way and we are several still having to use that old software because of that in some situations.


  21. Thanks so much for adding the ability to join tables across database types. I work with Oracle for our production stuff and MySQL for our management reporting. Being able to add private context to our production configurations will be great.

  22. Jus came to know tht this(mentioned above) feature is some wht available in the enterprise version

    Thanx for making this software guys…..
    Bdw some more suggestion for future releases

    1. Once i had to make a app on an joomla database, i used before login event manipulate the password as per db value but it didnt worked unless I changed the login.php code all by myself.
    So pls provide some mechanisms such that private org, and other CMS logins can be easily configured without touching the phprunner output folder files (if theirs already a solution to these prob .. thn pls do let me)

    2. Custom fonts and google fonts support (let me knw if its their in the latest versions)

    3. Few widgets for the sidebar, under the vertical menu space.
    Ex whether widget, visitor counter, chat widget, server time clock, Reminder Note etc

    4. Newsletter template to manage list of mailling lists / subscriber – this template wud obviously a part of the web app being made.

    5.cron jobs mgnt or event / time based emailling to users based on the data in the database …

    These were few ideas .. which might help bring more business to xlinrsoft co.

    Regards and thanx for this wonder app

  23. Congratulations for these announced new features…can´t wait to start to make use!!!

    1) I would suggest to allow provide a title for each object in the dashboard.

    2) Will the pdf feature also be extended to ASPR?

  24. Great news Sergey and Team. This personally just may be the most important update since I started PHPR many years ago. PDF options are a much needed update.

    My personal wishlist:

    1. Can you please implement the option omit background site colors for both print and PDF pages? (Customers usually do not want to print background colors to save ink)

    2. Simple option to turn off adding headers for all print/PDF pages in a project (without having to do it manually).

    3. Automatic Version # based on project saves, with the option to add development notes.

    4. Possibility add a blank PHPRunner page to site (to use menus and such) without having to add a dummy table and create unnecessary pages.

    Thanks for looking!

  25. Great features announced indeed. :) And many good suggestions for the contributors.

    I have to second in particular one suggestion though: the possibility to define specific search modes in the application (posted somewhere above).

    In general, we are creating applications most of the time for someone else than us: even in the same company, the final user will not be us very often. We need to offer the appropriate, specific search options and not a bunch of them.

    And you know “without programming” so without messing with the code. :)

    Please let us define what search will be possible field by field.

  26. The import functionality is very fantastic. Sergey your support and updates have been phenomenal. Well done.

  27. Hi,

    great additional functions!
    but can i request here?
    also would be great if you could make the grid is grouping dynamically as user interact to drag the field and become grouped table.
    that’s all.


  28. Hi,when will you deliver it? the multi database connection is a great feature.

  29. Hi Sergey,

    I´m PHPRunner user since the first version 1 and I wondering how manny features you and your team added to it. That´s a great tool. Congratulations!!!

  30. Welldone! PHPRUNNER 8 is perfect and professional software with more reliable and attractive options for those having less knowledge.

  31. How do you add charts to list page of another table to create dashboard effect . Can’t find in beta documentation?

  32. option for:
    new data, default auto insert (user owner and date) in of database table.

  33. Fantastic update cant wait to see full version.
    Hope is there any option for vertical or pop up input in inline edit/add.

    Please update tutorial to implement password encryption in login.

  34. Parabéns,

    tenho algumas sugestões:
    1 – Tables – possibilitar importar estrutura do banco de dados de um arquivo Excel.
    Ex: Célula A1 = Field1 / A2 = Field2 etc….
    1.1 Tables /Modify table – possibilitar reordenar a sequencia de “fields” arrastar e soltar / opção para valor único.
    como já comentado, exportar “pdf” diagramas das tabelas.
    1.2 – Dashboard – possibilitar minimizar, arrastar/reorganizar as tabelas/gráficos.
    1.2.1 Chart end Reports – possibilitar criação no modo arrastar e soltar.
    dar opções de gráficos em html, mais modelos de gráficos com por exemplo de gantt…
    1.3 Mestre-Detalhe para ilimitados níveis, possibilidade de múltiplos registros Add/Edit/Del.
    Exemplo: Cliente /-> Entrada Pedidos nº01 + Entrada Pedidos nº02 + Entrada Pedidos nº03 /-> Saída Pedidos nº01 etc…

    2 – Query – facilitar um pouco mais para quem não tem conhecimento, possibilidade de arrastar e soltar ou usar “case-sensitive search” or list.

    3 – Fields / Properties
    3.0 All Solutions, possibilitar colocar “textos de auto ajuda / explicativos” com a finalidade de ajudar aos usuários finais (case-sensitive or mouse-sensitive).

    3.1 Lookup Wizad.
    3.1.1 Database Table, possibilitar adicionar (ilimitados) níveis de dependência (texto e números).
    no caso de números, fazer validação (maior / menor / igual / maximo / mínimo e etc…) será útil para criar controle de estoque/pedidos de venda, onde por exemplo não deixaria fazer uma venda sem ter estoque disponível ou saldo na ordem de compra.
    já para textos, por exemplo num formulário para “questionário de uma pesquisa”, caso usuário não encontre a opção desejada, seleciona “outros” e abriria uma área de texto para a resposta.
    3.1.2 List of values, possibilitar criar e armazenar litas predefinidas.
    3.2 File/Image, possibilitar a colocação de senha na pasta “files” através do phprunner e criar automaticamente página “index.php”, a fim de redirecionar para página de login caso ocorra acesso direto ao diretório “Files”, no caso de imagens também possibilitar alterar “tumbnails” para (px) Pixels ou % porcentagem. opção para colocar um nome predefinido os arquivos ex: Nome do Arquivo_Data_Horários (Relatório_17-jul-2014_22h00m15s)
    3.3 – Readonly, possibilitar criar/editar e salvar script predefinidos pelo programador e resgatá-los via “case-sensitive search”or list.
    4 – Totals – Add tab / Add section possibilitar adicionar níveis de dependência.
    possibilitar add subtotais, exemplo por números de pedidos.
    5 – Misc – Opção para quebra de texto ou única linha.
    6 – Style – menu superior exemplo: Knowledge Base > Category > New article
    7 – Events – no caso de add uma notificação por email, possibilitar a criação de script/code usando formulário, por exemplo:
    Para / cc / cco: Abre lista de tabelas para selecionar o “field email”, possibilitar vários filtros.
    Msg: caixa de texto para inserir a mensagem, possibilitar formatação html/txt (inserir texto, imagens, table fields).

    Considerações Gerais:
    Ter opção de criar uma tabela para cadastros de mensagens “popup”. Quando usuário fazer login/acessar uma determinada tela/tabela esta mensagem seja exibida condicionada a filtros como por exemplo: Cliente / Departamento.

  35. Se possível add plugin para importar dados de outros sistemas via RFC ou outras métodos.
    Por exemplo SAP/R3.

  36. Excellent improvements. More opportunities and possibilities. Kudos to the development team.

  37. PHPRunner 8 Rocks. Team always come up with new and promising things.
    But a very basic function in dependent drop down is missing yet. Currently we can only make a drop down to dependent to one, but that should be able to make it dependent on two or more fields, that will make form controls a lot more convenient.

    Any Way I want to highlight following two major bugs.

    1. When upgraded from 7.1 to 8.0, I lost all of the dependent controls settings in PHPRunner 8, though generated pages were working fine but it still shows empty field controls in PHPrunner. So I resolved it after resetting field to its default format and then re-assign dependent lookup values.

    2. Second major bug is when you upgrade a project from 7.1 to 8.0, and you are using database or hard-coded login setting, you can not delete any of the record from generated application.
    If you generate a fresh version out of the PHPRunner8, delete function is fine.
    I turned off security, means no login required to use the generated pages, then the delete function is working again, but when i re-enabled login system, delete function is not working anymore.

    Thanks for your hard work PHPRunner Team.

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