The wait is over! PHPRunner 11 and ASPRunner.NET 11 are here.

If you purchased either product less than a year ago, you can download updated versions from the control panel. Click ‘Reg info’ link next to your latest PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET purchase and you will find version 11 info there. You can also uninstall version 11 preview as it is no longer required.

You can see Version 11 most frequently asked questions answered here.

PHPRunner 11 trial version
ASPRunner.NET 11 trial version

You can install and run it side by side with PHPRunner 10.x and older versions. Existing software functionality will not be affected.


  • Much faster UI
  • Much faster work with large ( 1000+ tables ) projects
  • Multi-developer support!
  • Revisions and roll-backs
  • Later: Mac/Linux versions

Digging deeper

  • Project data will be stored in the real database instead of SQLite and XML. It can eiher be a built-in database server that will come with the software or users can use their own database ( SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre ).
  • Since this is a regular database, data can be exported as a SQL file and stored in a version control system like SVN or Git.
  • UI improvement: project groups. You can create groups inside a project and move objects like tables and views there. Each group can also have its own relationship diagram. These groups will appear on all screens in the software.
  • Multi-user environment. One user starts editing table settings, this table automatically becomes locked, all other users will see it in read-only mode. Once user saves the project, new settings can be immediately seen by other users. There will also be manual lock functionality that would allow to make changes to common settings like Security.
  • Developers can be located anywhere in the world. There will be no need to provide a direct access to the database for remote users. PHPRunner/ASPRunner.NET will connect to the application server which will handle all database communication.
  • Revisions. You can review all revisions, can open an old version of the project in read-only mode, can rollback to that revision if required. Open two copies of the same project in two different instances of PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET, one is current and another one is an older revision, and then copy something from one project to another.
  • Adding comments to saves/revisions ( manually and automatically ). Comments will be searchable that will help you quickly locate the revision you looking for.

This will be a game-changer! Plus it won’t break project compatibility and all v10.x project will open and build without any issues. Also, switching to HTML-based UI will make PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET wizard software much better looking. It opens possibilities like light and dark themes in the software itself.

And for those who are interested to see how the internal structure of version 11 looks check this high-level diagram.

102 thoughts on “Version 11

  1. I wish I could use phprunner 11 now, by switching date/time to ‘July-2023’ in all my electronic gadgets like laptop, mobile.

  2. This is the only software I look forward to when new updates like this rolls around.

    I might be a nerd at heart but I just love when new features get released and my projects just magically improve without much effort in updating the code.

    This program has always been a game changer when it comes to developing mysql and php projects. The lead programmer of the company understands how to run a business and understands the needs of programmers. Every feature that gets implemented is well thought out and adds great value.

    Much love from Canada.

    Customer for life

  3. I love this app since I started using it in 2010, I have grown with it and will continue to use it. It’s is a powerful app and the best in the market. Love it and looking GL forward for version 11.

  4. I hope there will be progress on the mobile side, so that it is enough just to have phprunner represent building mobile applications for android and ios

  5. Feature request:

    Too often, I get into building and forget to “save” my phpr project… I might be hours and multiple builds in. While you’ve added the autosave feature, it’s not 100% (sometimes missing several Builds/Uploads). Would like the option of “saving” a version of my phpr file each time I do a build.

  6. If the latest version is going to be an HTML-based UI, then you can probably have PHPRunner as a web application. Running in a browser? It is probably more complicated than that. You guys are amazing. Thank you.

  7. Feature Request

    Please add support for git repositories.

    What I would like to see is the ability to save project data to a private git repo like gitlab.
    I work sometimes using multiple computers mainly use 1 computer at home and I use my laptop when traveling. having a way to sync the 2 or more computers + backup to the cloud would be awesome.
    Also on build /output would also like to be able to auto push to a git repo for those of us that may be using CI/CD processes.

  8. A MAC version would be so GREAT. Tired of working under Parallels! This would defenatly make be upgrade to version 11

  9. It not depend to html interface to run on web. Currently we can do it. The new html interface will be good to become better the web site appearance. .

  10. Well done, guys, on this fantastic work. I’ve been using PHPRunner since version 8, and I’m amazed day by day by its capabilities and ease of delivering professional applications in record time. I’ve developed various types of applications to the great satisfaction of my clients and myself. The only thing I used to criticize about PHPRunner was its design aspect, which I believe will change significantly with version 11. I’m really excited to see what has been done, and I’m sure I’ll be amazed once again.
    Great job to all of you, and eagerly looking forward to version 11 as soon as possible.

  11. Congratulations to the working group
    For the great effort that power
    even more this great product and
    consolidated in the market.

    Greetings from Patagonia.

  12. Will Bootstrap/j query will be easy to integrate?
    Does whole project has be re-build when you only make changes one page for just simple changes?
    Will it have tons events built in?
    UI should be similar CodeCharge?

  13. Hey, this sounds great! No problem re. roll out date – take your time, better to release a stable version than to rush things.
    Kind regards from Switzerland!

  14. Sergey,
    It has been long years and long pain you and your team had been to make this a best product. I see it as a non stop development. PhPRunner is unique and everyone loves it.
    Congratulations to you and your team Sergey, you made this world a better place once again.

  15. Use our own database for storing project data??? Are you saying that in 1 single update query I can change all the “Add new” buttons to “Add New” buttons?? And the “Back to list” buttons can be corrected to “Back to List” buttons??? WITHOUT HAVING TO MANUALLY EDIT EVERY SINGLE DAMN ONE???? Praise the lord sign me up for the renewal fee.

  16. Really looking forward to Linux support! Hopefully this will be delivered simultaneously with the closely upcoming Windows version.

    With regard to the statement “Project data will be stored in the real database instead of SQLite and XML.” … hopefully this does NOT mean project configuration data will be inserted into the SAME database which the PHPRunner project will be editing. [ Various competitors of yours “dirty” the database like that (adding fields, tables and similar), making them MUCH LESS desirable — especially when such database must be used with *additional* CRUD (or even just “read”) paradigms! In those cases things get confusing (and less useful!) quickly. ]

    Good luck with the upcoming version.

  17. A great team for developing web applications We aspire to add the feature of creating mobile applications on the same web application created

  18. This is really a big deal and a huge game changer. You guys just keep on impressing me!!

  19. Hi Sergey,

    To be very honest with you and your team Sergey, in my 24 years of experience with databases and frameworks and ERP, I have seen PHPRunner coming up in the race in a visible way and that too very fast ! You are doing developments like big creamy layer companies who own the authority currently.

    I must take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team, may god keep you and your team up to the pace and developments by giving you more power and blessings.

  20. Sergey, will the interface include new templates such as adding multiple dashboards – maps, demographics, bar charts, etc, etc., such as other templates I’ve seen?

  21. Sergey, will the interface include new templates such as adding multiple dashboards – maps, demographics, bar charts, etc., such as other templates I’ve seen?

  22. Been working with PHPR since Version 5 back in 2009. I have seen the product grow and you always code in great functionality and enhancements that make PHPR the best php building software in class.
    We have build great web apps with PHPR, we have coded numerous hours with it, we have achieved difficult to build scenarios.

    You keep on amazing us with the new updates. Well done Sergey and xlinesoft team.

  23. I have
    * mysql8.1
    * PHP 8.2
    * IIS

    And ithe 11 preview doen’t work!
    Under file menu the only option i have is: EXIT

  24. I really appreciate to team Xlinesoft, this product i use since 2014 and i love every version and its changes make me more good and loving. So nice and amazing work you all did

  25. Fantastic news and congratulations on releasing the preview! Multi-user functionality is a real game changer for this product. One last thing, from a security stand point, as we move to multi-user scenarios and integrating with GIT. The database user name an password are unencrypted and are in the ConnectionManager file. You can use gitignore to bypass that file, but in the future it would great if you could come up with a more secure way of storing this information. Like so many others, I love how this software continues to evolve.

  26. Hola, tengo una pregunta: el segundo punto de la lista de “NOTAS DE LA VERSIÓN PREVIA”, dice “Sólo proyectos nuevos. No se pueden abrir proyectos creados en versiones anteriores”.
    Esto es solo para esta versión (vista previa), pero no para la versión estándar o profesional, verdad?
    Podremos abrir proyectos creados en versiones anteriores.

  27. After installing phprunner it only shows a white window with a menu at the top: file, edit, view, windows, help.

    During the installation it showed me an error message:
    command failed: C:\user…..\app-11.0.0\resources\postgres\bin\psql –port14297 -Upostgres -w -c- “CREATE ROLE phprunner LOGIN NOSUPERUSER INHERIT CREATEDB CREATEROLE ENCRYPTED PASSWORD ‘ phprunner’ ;””

  28. I can see there’s still a fair amount of work still to do but initial impressions are mainly positive on the speed and the table management.

    I Added in 168 tables for a project I build previously and I’m looking to convert it to phprunner and it was pretty quick
    Speed to open and load in a project, I suspect this may slow down once all plugins and project wizards are in but hopefully not too much.
    Groups for the table will make handling the above project a lot more managable.
    Speed moving between pages, again, I can see this slowing a little when more components are completed .

    like to see
    Ability to select multiple tables and drag into the table groups
    Hide the tables and table group columns

    Quick select menu on the bottom (hoping this gets put back in)

  29. Version 11 application does not work
    I would like to make a detailed explanation. PHPRunner 11 so you can benefit from the trial version
    Thank you

  30. Do not work if your window user is administrator. After create new user worked but i cannot write any javascript code (warns for syntax error). And after building i get the message Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: in_array(): Argument #2 ($haystack) must be of type array, null given in C:\laragon\www\runner11\classes\runnerpage.php:6433 Stack trace: #0 C:\laragon\www\runner11\classes\runnerpage.php(6433): in_array(‘main’, NULL) #1 C:\laragon\www\runner11\classes\runnerpage.php(6427): RunnerPage->assignMenu(‘main’, true) #2 C:\laragon\www\runner11\classes\runnerpage.php(1037): RunnerPage->assignMenus() #3 C:\laragon\www\runner11\classes\menupage.php(9): RunnerPage->__construct(Array) #4 C:\laragon\www\runner11\menu.php(45): MenuPage->__construct(Array) #5 {main} thrown in C:\laragon\www\runner11\classes\runnerpage.php on line 6433

  31. During the installation it showed me an error message:
    command failed: C:\user…..\app-11.0.0\resources\postgres\bin\psql –port14297 -Upostgres -w -c- “CREATE ROLE phprunner LOGIN NOSUPERUSER INHERIT CREATEDB CREATEROLE ENCRYPTED PASSWORD ‘ phprunner’ ;””

    Hello, I am also getting this error. I think a detailed installation video or exe file needs to be reviewed again.

  32. will in the future phprunner support connections to any ODBC-enabled database like in the past versions?

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