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We are on the verge of releasing a next version of PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro that style editor and revamped templates. We will be completely separating the HTML from CSS (separating layout from appearance) which will simplify to a great extent the development of new and adaption of existing templates.

In the new version all users, from novice to advanced developers, will be able to build and finally share their own templates. We are planning on launching a templates marketplace (codename RunnerExchange) similar to Apple AppStore where you can submit your templates and download the templates created by other users. All templates will come with ratings, reviews, number of sales/downloads etc.

The RunnerExchange will host free and paid templates allowing the templates developers to generate extra income. We will adapt a 80/20 revenue split model where 80% of the proceeds will go to a template owner and 20% to Xlinesoft. We are estimating to have the majority of the templates in the $10 range creating the win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

Today there are already quite a few websites offering a ready-made visually appealing templates. We will include a few of them in the next release of PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro. If you have a template in mind that you would like us to consider for the next release please post a link to that template in the comments section. We will choose the best templates, convert them to the appropriate format and include them in the software. We will also create a few tutorials on how to create your own templates.

The RunnerExchange marketplace will not be limited to HTML templates. You will be able to share the complete projects similar to Cars, Jobs, Calendar, Shopping Cart as well as the Quiz template featured in previous blog post.

As a special offering you can purchase the Quiz Template (for PHP or ASP) and ReportsMaestro ($79 value) for $20! The offer is valid until May 14th 2011. More info.

We are planning to launch the RunnerExchange in 1-2 months after the release of PHPRunner 6 and ASPRunnerPro 7.

8 thoughts on “A few thoughts on Templates Marketplace

  1. YES!!! This is a great addition to the xlinesoft product line. I’m very excited about this major milestone in new version where we’ll finally have HTML separated from CSS without having to tear apart the root files in the PHPR windows program folders!

    I love the idea of RunnerExchange… should spur some innovation by users!



  2. Just can’t wait for the templates exchange. Hope there are some clever people out there who I can buy a template from.

    Will xlinesoft check these templates before release – I think this is really importent and justifies the 20% cut if anyone has an issue – i personally dont I should add.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Good idea, in 2011 a web application MUST have a split between html and css. As for the RunnerExchange think it’s a great idea also because, as in my case, often omit the graphic part to ask a graph.
    Great thing and I repeat, however, any bonus, if bonus is welcome.

  4. Hello, why do not you want to add the ability to work with templates made in Artisteer?

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