Creating Grid Tabs dynamically

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Version 9.8 added an option to use Grid Tabs. Besides static tabs we also developed an API that allows to create and manage tabs from your code.

In this example we will use the typical Orders table to demonstrate how this API works. We will create a tab for each employee that lists her own orders only. This is how it is going to look in generated application.

This code needs to be added to List page: BeforeProcess event.


$sql = "select * from employees";
$rs = CustomQuery($sql);
while ($data = db_fetch_array($rs)) {

			$data["FirstName"], $data["EmployeeID"]);


string sql = "select * from employees";
XVar rs = tDAL.CustomQuery(sql);
XVar data;
while (data = CommonFunctions.db_fetch_array(rs)) {
		data["FirstName"], data["EmployeeID"].ToString());


sql = "select * from employees"
set rs = CustomQuery(sql)
do while bValue(DoAssignment(data,db_fetch_array(rs)))
   pageObject.addTab "EmployeeID='" & data("EmployeeID") & "'", _ 
			data("FirstName"), data("EmployeeID")

7 thoughts on “Creating Grid Tabs dynamically

  1. What happens if the list of employees makes the tabset wider than the screen width?

  2. A point on list tabs in general: It would be great if the filters (along the left) were in sync with the tab queries. It’s confusing when the filter includes records that aren’t on the current tab’s list.

  3. Hi

    I’ve added this code, however gives error 256..
    $sql = select * from Traders;
    $rs = CustomQuery ($sql);
    while($data = db_fetch_array($rs)){

    Could someone help me out, on how to fix this.. I need to select users / trader from 1 database, and need the tabs to be split accordingly.

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