Our goal is to display website visitors on the map, similar to the screenshot below.

We will convert their IP address to lat/lng coordinates and display those markers on OpenStreetMap map. To perform the conversion of IP addresses to lat/lng pairs we are going to use the geolocation data from ip2location.com.

We will display users that were active in the last ten minutes. If the user had some activity in the last 60 seconds, their dot will be pulsing.

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Infinite scroll is a useful technique that allows to load new content automatically, when the user  scrolls down and reaches the end of the page. This is the kind of feature that our customers asked us about for a fairly long time. Turns out, it is not that difficult to implement with the help of some custom coding. Enable ‘AJAX search, pagination, sorting’ option on Pages -> List page settings dialogue. Add the following code to List page: Javascript OnLoad event of the page where…Continue Reading “Infinite scroll”

In a web application, some long running tasks may time out and not finish. To avoid this kind of limitation we will show you how to run such tasks reliably and, at the same time provide progress status to the end user so they know the task is still running. In this article we’ll show you how to achieve this in PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET.

A common task like this is batch sending email notifications. The key is to initiate a process like this from JavaScript sending the next batch of tasks to the server via AJAX.

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Dashboards excel at showcasing a multitude of valuable information on a single page. However, there are instances when a basic dashboard layout falls short in accommodating the desired volume of data on a single screen. In this article, we will demonstrate a method for amplifying information presentation through the use of a tabbed component. It’s important to note that this is not a built-in and we will need to write a bit of code.

Here is what we after:

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As many of you know, we recently launched a side project named PicTur. This is a website, built with the help of PHPRunner, that allows users build beautiful travel stories. Instead of letting you pictures collect dust you can create a travel story and share with the world. Take a look open an account and maybe create a story or two.

This website was built with the help of PHPRunner and was heavily customized. We will post series of articles talking about the most interesting parts of this project. Let us start by showing how pages like login, register and remind password were prettified. First, we found a good login template at Carrd, customized it a bit and imported CSS into PHPRunner.

This is the end result:

PicTur..app login page

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In this article we will show you how to generate PDF invoices on the web server side. We use this approach to generate and email billing reminders to our customers.

1. Download NodeJS to the web server. For Windows choose 64-bit MSI installer.

2. Run and install keeping all default settings.

3. Inside your project create a new folder named pdfmake.

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By Jerry Adach, Director Enterprise Data and Automation, Central Maine Healthcare

ASPRunner.Net is, in my opinion, the best software on the market to build secure, role-based data driven workflows and complex reports and dashboards.

Over the years, we started to use more and more stored procedures to be called by custom buttons and table events. It seemed to be more efficient having SQL Server handle some of the heavy lifting and more complicated tasks.

Now we are using another platform to perform some heavy lifting and adding brand new capabilities.

Our talented Lead RPA Developer, Michael DiPoffi, wrote some custom class files that we could easily integrate into ASPRunner.Net. We can now call APIs that will initiate automated workflows, passing parameters from the app to the enterprise RPA (Robotic Process Automation) execution server via normal table events and custom buttons. The class files also retrieve responses from the server to ensure it was successfully executed. This is a game changer.

Since in my organization, Automation, Enterprise Data and App Development are all under one area of IT, this was inevitable.

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An old programmer’s saying, coined by Jamie Zawinski, says “Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail”. Jokes aside, email was and still is an integral part of our lives, and every web application needs to send emails to its users. This guide will walk you through all the steps to ensure every single email-sending aspect is covered. This is going to be a long article and we plan to update it often. Here are the topics, that will be covered in this…Continue Reading “A Complete Guide to Sending Emails with a Web-based Application”