Preview of new features in PHPRunner 6.2 and ASPRunnerPro 7.2

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We plan to release a beta version of new PHPRunner and ASPRunnerPro in August-September 2012. Here are some of new features you can expect in this update.

New file/image upload control

  • select and upload multiple files at once. You only need one database field to store all file names.
  • customizable list of allowed file extensions
  • max number of files
  • file size restriction (for each file individually and total upload size)
  • customizable path to upload folder. May contain PHP variables. No need to write events code if you want to save each user’ files to separate folder. Sample upload path: $_SESSION[“ProjectID”].”/”.$_SESSION[“UserID”]
  • Drag-n-drop upload – drag files from your desktop right to web page

Upload settings:

Upload control in generated application:

Layout editor

Now you can change the layout of any page right in Style Editor. Comes with live preview.

On this screenshot you can see buttons section copy/pasted to the top of the page.

Improved fields and columns resizing in Visual Editor

Now you can set width and height of any field on Add/Edit pages simply dragging it’s edge. There are some enhancements related to list/print page columns resizing as well.

Adding custom pages to your application

Add a brand new page to your application or import existing one. You can import the whole folder with HTML, images, CSS files and edit/preview them in Visual Editor.

Editing of mobile pages in Visual Editor

The current version of ASPRunnerPro and PHPRunner don’t allow you to customize mobile pages appearance. Now you can do this for any chosen page i.e. add a button or change the page layout.

Minor features

  • Multilanguage support in Web report/chart builder
  • Edit contol plugins. This a pretty cool feature in fact. Someone can develop a new Edit control and add it to PHPRunner without need to wait while we added this as a new feature. For example, you need to develop a control to enter credit card expiration year/month storing it as a single value in the database. Or you need develop Google Maps based control that allows users browse the map and pick a pair or latitude/longitude coordinates. That’s where Edit control plugins come handy. Once people start creating useful edit controls we’ll setup an exchange area where people can sell controls or offer them free of charge to community.
  • YUI library updated to version 3. Better load speed, more errors fixed.
  • Convenient data filtering via URL parameters. Sample search URL: carsmodels_list.php?q=(make~equals~Volvo)(<model~?ontains~70). This sort of parameters can be added to any List, Print, Report or Chart pages.
  • New events (IsRecordEditable). Implement custom rules to define when and who each record can be edited.
  • option to attach files from built-in PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro email functions

62 thoughts on “Preview of new features in PHPRunner 6.2 and ASPRunnerPro 7.2

  1. Intrested in the new mobile version . We need to keep up with the other tech out there. Not so intrested in the new image control upload ; minor to me ; but would be intrested to be able to show an image from another table as a lookup in the add/edit pages as this would be the ultimate upgrade. Meaning as you select with dependent dropdown it would show the image as a dependant or at least a live text link to the master page photo view. That would turn some heads for new buyers of this product. ?? Love this product although have been following it since 2005 and someday it will be up there with the best?

  2. Sergey .. Congratulations for PHPRunner new version..
    I’ve bought PHPRunner on June, 2012. Have I to pay again to have this new version and how much does it cost for me?
    Thank You


  3. Sergey, I sometimes wonder if you know how great you are. PHPrunner was one of the best software investments I have ever made and it just becomes better and better with every release! Can’t wait for 6.2.

  4. I bought PHP Runner and ASP Runner and I cannot use them because it is impossible to create a nice user interface without devoting many many hours to tweaking one line after another in the “visual” editor.

    I’m glad you finally fixed the Visual editor to make rapid page design easier… but it is something that should have been done long long ago. The visual editor that I have with my two “Runner” products is so bad that I had to abandon “The Runners” in my work because it became impossible to use. You called it a “Visual” editor, but I think that was overstating it.

    Don’t get me wrong, the other things The Runners do are good, but without the ability to make the output of the web page visually appealing and useful to the user the programs are useless to me, and I am sure others.

    It is a shame. You have the one feature (easier editing of the output page) that I have long been hoping for and I cannot afford it.

  5. User since 5.3 phpr and upgraded to
    6.1 recently.

    In order to provide a good Mobile interface I use professional
    Skin or template i purchased and i integrated with phpr tables. However,
    the only way to do it is iframe Phpr tables in the template.

    I hope there
    is a way to generate simple output
    without all phpr tags, than phpr tables can be easily included in the skin without the ulgy iframe scrollbar aand can take advantage of commercial skin fluid layout.

    Phpr is superb in building logic and functions, but comes to wow factor on
    Mobile devices, it is not there and will never catch up with commercial
    templates, just try the demo for mobile and realize it breaks on mobile
    and tabelts easily. Maybe it
    is not the intend to pursue appealing gui, thats fine, but it will be good to allow export output in plain format for easy integration with 3rd party skins.

    I love the phpr logic building capability, next to none, but i want
    to move to mobile fluid layout, it is
    a must, more so than new functions nowadays as users change their behaviour, i
    find myself have to painstakingly redo the logic without
    Phpr in the end because they are just
    so many skins for mobile that are so
    appealing and motivated me to implement
    it even i have to redo all the logic did in phpr.

    Only if i can generate simple output to be included
    in 3rd patry skins. This will keep me
    continue to upgrade phpr because i
    admit business logic building phpr
    is propably the best i can find.
    And it helps to keep out logic codes manageable. Thats important.

    So, ability to generate simple output
    without all the phpr tags and Template
    languages will be great as an option. Do what
    you are superb in, logic building and maintenace, just simple and practical
    Layouts will do.

  6. Sergey,

    Congratulations! Sorry my english sucks more, I’m writing by Google.

    ‘m ASPRunner user, but tested the PHP RUNNER and realized that the generated application is much faster, unlike his brother in ASP.

    I think it be best for your software should have:
    – Now supports up to 4 pairs of parent field and filter field (its competitor has).
    – Option to set the fields of searches within the project (Contains, Equals …).
    – In the visual editor in Lookup Wizard items LIST WITH SEARCH PAGE should make multiple selection and align with option to be horizontal, and should have the CHECKBOX LIST IN THIS dropdown … connected.

  7. These are my notes for the Beta version

    1. On Visual Editor the red asterist (*) for required fields does not appear. On the built page it shows OK.
    2. On Visual Editor. The code snippet that used data(“FIELD_NAME”) now returns the DESCRIPTION value instead of the ID value. I had to update the ASP code.
    3. On production. On one specific table
    – When on the List Page, you click on the Edit button, you remain on the List Page, but a new window popups to do the Editing. This is Very nice as the updated values are reflected at once on the List page witouth the re-load flicker.
    4. On production. On another table
    – The Edit page loads on normally as you move out from the List page but remain on the same browser window.
    5. On Events. If you move from one modified Event from a table to another Event with the same name from another table, the code writen on the modified Event is shown

  8. Just upgraded to 6.2, it was very good and smooth.
    all the visual editing features were really great!
    No major problem encountered so far. Satisfied, so just want to say thank you.

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