New features in PHPRunner6.0/ASPRunnerPro7.0


We are taking yet another step toward creating the best-in-class code generator. Here is what you can expect to see in the next release of PHPRunner6.0/ASPRunner7.0.

New layouts

Let me start by introducing the layout elements.


Blocks are high-level page elements. A typical List page consists of four blocks. Some blocks can be empty.

Here is a typical Amsterdam layout List page. Note that the right block is empty. (image is clickable)


Containers are visual elements within the blocks. Each container has a border, background color and other properties. Containers are always stacked inside the block one under another.

On the pictur eabove  the header block consists of two containers (buttons and search), left block has one container and the center block has four containers (buttons, message placeholder, grid and pagination).


Bricks are page elements that carry a certain functionality. Each container hasone or more bricks that are arranged either vertically or horizontally. A typical brick would be a search box, pagination control, the grid, CAPTCHA, “records found” etc.

Container 2 of the Header block contains four bricks: search, details found, pages, and records per page.

Internal layout structure

The purpose of new layouts is to simplify and improve the page modifications. This will allow the users to easily create their own templates as well as import existing templates such as Wordspress or Joomla themes. Layout structure doesn’t contain any HTML code- only  blocks, containers and bricks definition.

Here is a standard Amsterdam layout page again.

Here is how this layout is represented in pseudocode.

beginblock top
   begincontainer 1
      brick hl loggedas
      brick hl toplinks

beginblock left
   begincontainer vertical 2
      brick color1 vmenu
      brick color2 vsearch1
      brick color1 vsearch2
      brick color2 details_found
      brick color1 page_of
      brick color1 recsperpage

beginblock center
   begincontainer horizontal 3
       brick left addbuttons
       brick left recordcontrols
   begincontainer horizontal 4
       brick center message
   begincontainer grid 5
       brick hgrid
   begincontainer horizontal 6
       brick center pagination

A few notes:

  • brick hl loggedas – login brick, horizontal, left aligned
  • brick hc pagination – pagination, horizontal, centered
  • begincontainer grid 5 – grid container ( a special type of container that stores the grid brick)

Based on this pseudocode PHPRunner generates HTML files and uses it to build the pages. When you design a new layout you can either use the pseudocode or modify the HTML layout file.

As you can see, the layout modification becomes very straightforward. You can easily move any container or brick to another block. For instance, you can rename “beginblock left” to “beginblock right” to move the menu and the search panel to the right.

Style Editor

New version is going to introduce the Style Editor where you can modify the visual appearance of each layout element and instantly preview the results.  Each style can be applied to any layout.

Mobile Template

In this day and age not having a mobile version of your website should be considered a crime. We’ll be addressing this issue in PHPRunner 6/ASPRunnerPro 7. There are still some unanswered questions like ‘should we generate a mobile version of the website automatically or there needs to be a separate project that uses mobile template’. We’ll keep you posted on the progress in this area.

New Enterprise Edition features

We plan to extend the Enterprise Edition by adding a couple of heavily requested features:

– Active Directory integration. Dynamic permissions tied directly to AD.
– Option to encode the data in selected tables and fields


There will be other new features and improvements in this version as well.

One of them is intellisense in the Events Editor. For those who are not familiar with modern IDEs, intellisense is a convenient way to access the functions’ descriptions and variables. The Events Editor recognizes the functions and variables and will pop up the function description or the list of available variables to choose from.

Here are a few examples:

Data Access Layer, database field names

PHP functions

Javascript API functions

Field names


We have started the translation of PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro to other languages. If you are PHPRunner or ASPRunnerPro customer and willing to help us translate software into your language drop us a note at

Release date

The exact dates of the new release have not been finalized and will be announced as soon as become available. Subscribe to RSS feed to stay in touch.

43 thoughts on “New features in PHPRunner6.0/ASPRunnerPro7.0

  1. The new layout for pages is a long awaited feature that will make the sites I build using PHPRUNNER go much faster. WAHOOO! Can’t wait.

  2. Dear Team

    I will be very pleased to help you out in translation procedure i.e. English–>URDU.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    and Happy NEW YEAR.

  3. Hello Kornilov,

    I have requested one feature very long time back, i.e list of values depending on a sql query, once you define a sql query for list of values, the columns from the sql query will be available for allocation to the fields on the screen, right now it is table based. If you do this thing, I think, no one can ever challenge phprunner in future ! Take it seriously ! I mean it !

  4. Fantastic…I´ve always wanted an easier way to create and share templates..
    Count with me for translation too…portguese (BR)

  5. I like Arunabh Choudhari’s request! It makes all the sense in the world!

    After all, the RESULT of the query is the whole reason of the query, no matter where it fetches its columns from–it becomes a free-standing object or resource that should be visually represented immediately. And available for picking apart column by column, too.

    Same query, just different displays according to need.

  6. I commend all these new innovations, and with WP Joomla.Want EXTJS use of the extension would improve and much of the themes and layout.Good works for the team in 2011.

  7. Always moving forward… love it! Modifying templates will be great. Thanks for all you do over there at xlinesoft.

    One request, which I think I’ve thrown out there before – a “group by” function on list pages. Like you do in the KB template.


  8. I have been using ASPRunner for a number of years and always have had a great experience. Staff is great and always willing to give a hand when needed.

    Thank you guys!!!!! Awsome Job, keep up the quality and excellence.

  9. Great new features, can’t wait! I have been using ASPRunnerPro Enterprise now for 4 years and grown with the product. This product saves our company significant dollars and is extremely reliable.


  10. New templates great news. Would like to see:
    1. Ability for adding extra pages to a table eg. as confirmation page after add or edit with ability to drag and drop field names etc. On to page. New tabs creating extra Pages is a step in that direction.
    2. Joomla etc. extention to integrate generated project into CMS and keep page names for each record for SEO purposes
    3. Friendly page names Eg. Site/pagename_list/id314?.php replaced by eg. site/venue.htm based on the title or specific field. Similar to friendly page names in Joomla

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Wonderful! Can’t Wait! Gim’me, Gim’me, Gim’me!
    I’m a long time phpRunner user and this program is the back bone of how I build web databases for my clients. I would be lost without the assistant of Sergey and his team of experts.

    I’m excited about the mobile applications and can’t wait to start playing.

    With this program we have built systems for such clients as:
    Major environmental companies

  12. As a new phprunner customer I have been very impressed with both the product and the support staff’s prompt response.

    phprunner is a quality product, backed by excelent documentation. A truely powerful, and very useful, tool. I now use it everyday and continue to be impressed with its ease of use.

    It’s nice to see a company what actually listens to its customer base and adds on practical features when required.

    phprunner – all power, no fluff.

    MANy thanks to everyone involved.

  13. I would like the new version will incorporate the possibility of presenting fields lookup wizard hierarchical or tree, just like the menus. This feature would give a much higher quality developments

  14. As a non-programmer it is always a big pleasure to create database applications with PHPRunner. It is one of my favourite pieces of software. Support of Xlinesoft has always been good. Keep it up like this. Looking forward to future improvements of the software.

  15. I think the mobile templates should be approached as standalone projects… people often mistake taking a site mobile with simply downsizing the standard elements of their main desktop based web page. Big mistake! There are many subtleties involved with a mobile site that are unique to the mobile experience (i.e. touch interface, lack of mouse hovers, etc).

    Hopefully, the mobile component Sergey and crew are contemplating will take a serious stab at allowing us to build mobilized web apps and not merely a minimized version of desktop site.

    Just my 2 cents. Cheers.

  16. Will there be a way to ADD Custom Code into the “default” Actions? It would be great to be able to build a library of working code examples into the “ADD EVENT” option selector.

    So that a more elaborate email form, for example, can be added into the “Add Event” library of code for the Events.

    I am looking forward to PHPRunner 6.0 in any case.

  17. sorry, I do not speak English properly, I’m Portuguese …
    put that file upload in ajax, for large files with progress bar, and if possible, upload multiple, it would be nice, I tested for a few days the PHPRunner, and will not buy because of the lack of this feature, if I send an FLV 40MB or greater would only be possible via java script ajax

  18. I can’t wait :-)
    I’ve been waiting/hoping for this for quite some time.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. jonas,

    I recommend to contact support team directly, probably this is something we can help you with already.

  20. Why not start an app store?
    There are thousands of solutions which users could trade for a nominal fee
    Don’t reinvent the wheel run it like an app store with reviews
    People then could amortise on there investment in time and money
    Just a thought
    I would hunt there straight away for a solution that I could customise for my own
    Great product makes difficult tasks easy but does need more template customisation tools

  21. Dear Sergey,
    I want to give you a very big big big hug.Its really a great support I have seen ever.You guyes are really rock.God Bless you…


  22. Thanks Sergey and all the teaam. phprunner and asprunner are already great and The new features look realy awesome.
    Hope to try it soon

  23. I can’t wait for the verson of what could do like in asp, or

    1. have free thousand plugin
    2. have free thousand widget
    4. free themes / premium thmemes from all developers…

  24. Where can I create a table without the php runner and use it in select, insert or update statements for add, edit o query?

    features field like unique, not null, not empty or other are required too.

    Iám expecting phprunner 6 entreprise.

  25. Encryption for tables and more freedom in layout would be great!
    When, when when????

    Keep up the good work!


  26. Grid-based/ pattern-based authentication besides password. I.e. user has to remember a pattern and each times he signs in he should enter the numbers that randomly appear on the grid.

  27. Sergey, I have written about this before in the forums and in support emails but I will ask again–

    The biggest time waster for me has been setting up a long form for one user that is exactly the same as the forms for multiple other users.

    But I have to manually, field by field, view by view reconstruct everything all over again for every user.

    The ONLY difference between the forms is that they each write and update a different table but the table names are very similar, too.

    Please tell me that you have included the feature to CLONE a form!

    So that I can select one completed form and all of its values and linkages and dynamic dropdown lists, view templates, etc and say COPY or CLONE settings.

    Then select the next user’s table and PASTE all settings.

    This would save me hours and hours of manual re-assembly where I have to remember every single page and view setting as well as search and lookups, etc.

    Thank you!

    Available for beta testing.

  28. Hi All,

    We are eagerly waiting for the beta release of PHPrunner 6.

    I would like to participate in beta testing. How to participate in beta testing?


  29. Well Sergey, I do not have words, how to describe you ? You are just miraculous man ! You have miracles after miracles. I personally love this product much more than anything else. Just waiting for joomla template integration, I know you can do it. Just eagerly waiting for joomla template integration. I wish you and your team all the best in future. You are all going on right path. Cheers !

  30. Is it possible for the IDE to be customisable, or the fonts to be changeable at least?
    Thank you for the best generator, also I don’t think PHPrunner should be called Generator since you must know PHP to write the codes.

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