Preview of new features in PHPRunner 6.2 and ASPRunnerPro 7.2

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We plan to release a beta version of new PHPRunner and ASPRunnerPro in August-September 2012. Here are some of new features you can expect in this update.

New file/image upload control

  • select and upload multiple files at once. You only need one database field to store all file names.
  • customizable list of allowed file extensions
  • max number of files
  • file size restriction (for each file individually and total upload size)
  • customizable path to upload folder. May contain PHP variables. No need to write events code if you want to save each user’ files to separate folder. Sample upload path: $_SESSION[“ProjectID”].”/”.$_SESSION[“UserID”]
  • Drag-n-drop upload – drag files from your desktop right to web page

Upload settings:

Upload control in generated application:

Layout editor

Now you can change the layout of any page right in Style Editor. Comes with live preview.

On this screenshot you can see buttons section copy/pasted to the top of the page.

Improved fields and columns resizing in Visual Editor

Now you can set width and height of any field on Add/Edit pages simply dragging it’s edge. There are some enhancements related to list/print page columns resizing as well.

Adding custom pages to your application

Add a brand new page to your application or import existing one. You can import the whole folder with HTML, images, CSS files and edit/preview them in Visual Editor.

Editing of mobile pages in Visual Editor

The current version of ASPRunnerPro and PHPRunner don’t allow you to customize mobile pages appearance. Now you can do this for any chosen page i.e. add a button or change the page layout.

Minor features

  • Multilanguage support in Web report/chart builder
  • Edit contol plugins. This a pretty cool feature in fact. Someone can develop a new Edit control and add it to PHPRunner without need to wait while we added this as a new feature. For example, you need to develop a control to enter credit card expiration year/month storing it as a single value in the database. Or you need develop Google Maps based control that allows users browse the map and pick a pair or latitude/longitude coordinates. That’s where Edit control plugins come handy. Once people start creating useful edit controls we’ll setup an exchange area where people can sell controls or offer them free of charge to community.
  • YUI library updated to version 3. Better load speed, more errors fixed.
  • Convenient data filtering via URL parameters. Sample search URL: carsmodels_list.php?q=(make~equals~Volvo)(<model~?ontains~70). This sort of parameters can be added to any List, Print, Report or Chart pages.
  • New events (IsRecordEditable). Implement custom rules to define when and who each record can be edited.
  • option to attach files from built-in PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro email functions

62 thoughts on “Preview of new features in PHPRunner 6.2 and ASPRunnerPro 7.2

  1. Great work…. however i’m still waiting for enahancement that will give ability to call MSSQL storedprocedure directly from the editor without adding codes to events or to the generated application. this will be a milestone change to this great application.

    keep suprising us…
    thank you,

  2. Sergey, PHPRunner gets better and better. You have an uncanny forethought of what the end developer is looking for. Two thumbs up.

  3. 1) New file/image upload control: Does this new feature let the USER of the application UPLOAD and/or Download files to the site ?
    3) I’ve bought PHPRunner on April 27. Have I to pay again to have this upgrade and how much does it cost for me?
    Thank You
    Domenico Giacchero

  4. Fantastic, superb! Congratulations! Only one question-suggestion? When I upload photos, the system resizes the thumbs with a same width and height independiently if the picture is landscape or portrait style??? I hope you understood what I’m saying.


  5. Looks very interesting. It would be great to see a sample created from the latest build – especially the mobile page editor.


  6. AWESOME!!!!! Thank you, Thank you.
    PHPRUNNER is responsive to the needs of the customer.

  7. Great stuff! Actually most excited about the edit controls plugin – this should simplify the creation of complex objects – really looking forward to this release!

  8. I am currently running PHPRimmer 5.3. If I wanted to move up to version 6.2, could I import the 5.3 files as a starting point, or would I have to start a new 6.2 project from scratch?

  9. Sir,
    When will this version to be released and for people to download?
    I just bought PHPRunner 6.1, can’t wait to upgrade to 6.2.



  11. Continue to develop a powerful tool. Will the new feature list increase or are you doing a new release with ~6 new features and ~2 enhancements?

  12. Sergey,

    I’m glad to see improvements. The software looks great.

    Do you have any plans to come out with an MVC version? The company I work for is strictly developing C Sharp MVC, no exceptions.

  13. Great improvements. I can’t wait to see the inclusion of menus similar to google menu (the black bar type). Accordingly, I would like to see the reports improved to include subreports.

  14. Sergey,

    Excellent Job, In your Adding custom pages to your application I hope you would consider allowing adding phpr projects pages as well so different list pages and charts can be arranged to make up a view page.

  15. Perfect ..
    inpaient waiting for the release of 6.2 PHPR
    Thanks .. contineous improving .. we feel your hard work and respect it
    forward xlinesoft.

  16. The file upload should have a feature to filter the file names. I have a client that is a fabric company and the designers name their image files all kinds of screwy ways using spaces, 2 or more dots and illegal characters. I’d like a switch that would replace spaces with underlines and strip out questionable characters.

  17. Great Job Sergey. I am using ASPR 7.1. Only if report print out layout editing features can be enhanced as a one page report printed out in goggle chrome has part printed on multiply pages instead of all to be printed in one page.

  18. fantastic job at xlinesoft. i have benefited from phprunner greatly and it has been a revolution in my student database driven web application pages, phprunner is outstanding, easy to use and understand. Thank you for your great work and continuous upgrade. waiting to get a copy of phprunner 6.2 soon.

  19. cette version proposée paraît superbe !
    Bravo Xlinesoft
    this proposed version seems superb!
    Congratulations Xlinesoft

  20. Great job guys…. I would like to add a comment. II would like to have the ability to call MSSQL storedprocedure directly from the editor without adding codes to events or to the generated application. I have notice that their are also few other members asking for the same feature. This will be a great feature to add. I can now safely say that this is an application that is a must have. A few more features and you guys are taking over.

    Thanks for call your hard work and support…Loving what you guys have done :)

    thank you

  21. New 6.2 features looking really good Sergey, and also the invoice template. Well done. Would be good to also see an extension of the Google map integration option, so it is easier to apply other Google API features by simply editing a template without special development. ie changing symbols and colours of points to match values in database fields, and being able to layer location points – turning on or off different sets of data subsets.

  22. Great news, Sergey – thanks! The ability to import custom files will be especially useful when using PHPRunner to build back-end systems for existing websites. Count me among the “can’t wait” crew. :)

  23. Wow nice feature.
    Will phprunner have custom report form that can specify print margin and
    positioning the element match with the paper has printed form layout,
    in scriptcase they have pdf report to do the job.

  24. Sergey,

    Greetings and Best Wishes to your team ! You are great !

    One thing is troubling me since years, I wish I would have added my own button images and secondly, I wish I would have added any joomla template of rockettheme template ! I do not know the technicals and feasibility, but would love to see it !

    Thanks again and Great work Sergey !

  25. Xlinesoft team,

    It is great how you care about your software and end-users. For me particulary, you have open doors that I could not have cross without your ASPRunner.

    – Improved fields and columns resizing in Visual Editor. Now it will be as I expected.
    – email attachment from within application. Great news.
    – Mobile page modification. Excellent
    – Invoice Template. Please add product discount and global discount
    – Invoice Template. Please payment type. And combined payment type (cash, visa, check, etc.)

    I am really glad I am part of a strong maintanied application.

  26. Looks great, as always. But I’m still waiting for the ability to group by a field on the list page. I hope it’s still on your list.

  27. Sounds good! Would also like to request being able to call SQL Server Stored Procedures directly from the editor, with dynamic parms ability.

    Sergey, great work again! I LOVE ASP Runner, and have seen it come a long way over the years.

  28. Great Plugin for report parameters, Now I wish I could run a report directly by passing a parameter to it ! Let us see ! Great Work as usual ! Contratulations to you and your team Sergey !

  29. Hi Guys!
    Thanks for a great product! Release date for 6.2 Beta was 7 September. Where do we download? I am also looking for a way to get “table-less” layout for pages. Have you got a solution in 6.2 perhaps?
    All of the best with your great work!

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