Using Invoice template as a checkout solution

If you purchased or upgraded PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET or ASPRunnerPro recently you may have noticed that we are using a new checkout solution based on Invoice template. In this article we will show you steps required to add this kind of functionality to your project.

To see how it works live proceed to PHPRunner purchase page, select Edition, enter your email address, add more options on the next screen and click Continue.

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Single use access codes

Lets say you need to build an application that provides one time access to some information. It can be some files you let your users download, or some game they want to play, or some video to watch. Instead of distributing some sort of usernames and passwords you want to make this experience as easy as possible and provide access based on a simple numeric code. Such code can sent via email or text messages or handed as scratch card similar to one below.

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Customizing project logo

Project logo (by default a project name) appears in the top left corner of the menu and points to the welcome page. In this article we'll show you ways to customize this project logo.

By default project logo is nothing but project name. Kind of looks boring.

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Using third party components

People ask us fairly often - how to incorporate some third party library or component into PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET application keeping overall look and feel. Here is an example of integrating Tabulator component in version 10 of PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET.

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Building a hotel reservation system

Lets say you run a mini-hotel and need to build a very simple reservation system. In this article we will show how avoid double-booking only showing the rooms that are available for selected date range. Similar approach can be applied to any other reservation system i.e. if you need to build conference rooms reservation app.

In our database we need two tables, Rooms and Reservations.

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PHPRunner 10 and ASPRunner.NET 10 are here!

The wait is over. PHPRunner 10 and ASPRunner.NET 10 are here!

If you purchased or upgraded PHPRunner, ASPRunnerPro or ASPRunner.NET less than one year ago logon to control panel at and find download links and registration keys under 'My purchases'. There should be 'Reg info' link next to your latest upgrade purchase.

Note: Software maintenance coverage needs to be continuous. If your last purchase or upgrade were more than one year ago you have till July 31, 2018 to renew your maintenance. After that date you will have to purchase PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET or ASPRunnerPro at the full price.
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Using multi-column design in version 10

Version 10 makes creating multi-column forms easier. In previous versions you needed to select layout on Style Editor page. In version 10 you can do this right in Page Designer and you can change it at any time without resetting the page. Changes you made to your page will no be lost.

In this article we use Customers table from Northwind database. In Page Designer select Edit page. Here is how it looks by default (all images are clickable):

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Troubleshooting web applications

This article will teach you how to troubleshoot your web applications like a pro. Most of these tips are specific to PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET and ASPRunnerPro but some of them apply to all web applications.

General troubleshooting tips

This is where you start when something doesn't work as expected.

  • Make sure that you run the latest build of the software
  • Synchronize database and project
  • Perform a full project build
  • If you test your project on remote web server make sure you upload all generated files
  • Clear browser's cache. In Chrome or Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+Del to open "Clear browsing data" dialog. Choose to delete cached images and files.
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Version 10. What takes so long?

First of all – we are still working on version 10 and getting closer every day. We are now close enough to publish a date that is more or less accurate. We expect beta version to be available soon.

What takes so long? Apparently we underestimated the scope of work required. Also we . . . → Read More: Version 10. What takes so long?

Version 10. Page designer

It is about time we talk about version 10 of PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET and ASPRunnerPro. We expect beta version to be available in November and stable version will be released before the end of the year.

Make sure that your software maintenance is current. Otherwise you will have to purchase version 10 at the full price.

The most interesting new feature in this update is Page Designer which will complement and eventually will replace the Visual Editor. This is quite a big change and before we talk about new functionality I need to explain why this change was required.

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