Displaying World Cup 2014 data with PHPRunner.

This is a just for fun PHPRunner project for all soccer fans out there. Check this live demo first.

This project uses live World Cup 2014 data provided by http://worldcup.sfg.io/ in JSON. PHPRunner project makes the use of this data and if will not work if they website is down for any reason.

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PHPRunner 8.0/ASPRunnerPro 9.0/ASPRunner.NET 8.0

PHPRunner 8.0/ASPRunnerPro 9.0/ASPRunner.NET 8.0 are here. Purchase info and download links.

Click any image to see the full size screenshot.

Major new features

  1. Dashboards
  2. Multiple database connections (part of Enterprise Edition)
  3. Import page with columns mapping
  4. New Printer page/PDF options (portrait/landscape, fit to page, scale)

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How to implement auto-save feature

Some large forms would benefit from having auto-save functionality. We have built a simple auto-save script that your can add to any Edit page in your PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro/ASPRunner.NET application.

Here is how it looks right after record was saved:


uploaded files are not saved . . . → Read More: How to implement auto-save feature

New features in PHPRunner 7.1, ASPRunnerPro 8.1 and ASPRunner.NET 7.0

We are working on the next version of all our code generation products. We plan to release all three products at the same time and expect all of them to carry the same set of functionality.

Download PHPRunner 7.1 preview

Starting with this update we will offer both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of our software. 64-bit version will solve out of memory issue that may occur while working with  large projects having hundreds of tables and thousands of fields.

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More custom CSS tricks

These CSS snippets are designed to be pasted to Custom CSS section on Style Editor in PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro.

Making page background fully transparent

  1. .function-list .rnr-c > *,
  2. .function-list .rnr-s-undermenu > *,
  3. .function-list .rnr-b-vmenu > *,
  4. .function-list .rnr-s-2 > *,
  5. .function-list .rnr-row > *,
  6. .function-list .rnr-toprow > *
  7. {
  8. background-color : transparent !important;
  9. background : transparent !important;
  10. }

Sample screenshot:

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Building a nice looking login page with custom CSS

PHPRunner 7.0 and ASPRunnerPro 8.0 add a new new 'Custom CSS' feature - an easy way to modify the appearance of your pages adding bells and whistles Style Editor doesn't support. Lets see how we can build a custom login page similar to this one:

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PHPRunner 7.0/ASPRunnerPro 8.0


Major new features

  1. Add CSS rules manually in Style Editor to build professionally looking pages. Take a look at this customized login page: page background, input controls and Facebook button appearance were adjusted via CSS rules added in Style Editor. Click this image to open sample app in browser.

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Validation in PHPRunner and ASPRunnerPro applications

Data validation is very important in web applications. You do not want your users to enter incorrect data. Our web application builders can help you with this.

In this article we cover different validation type starting with built-in validation and making it all the way through to advanced AJAX-based validation.

Client-side validation

Client side validation (Javascript based) provides instant feedback to the user making it a good usability choice.

Built-in validation types

This validation will work if you need to make sure that all required fields are populated or validate a relatively simple data format like US Social Security Number.

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Displaying a page in a popup window

If you take a look at Xlinesoft Marketplace you will find that many functions like login/register/rate are implemented in popup windows. This approach greatly improves usability, users do not need to leave the page they are on in order to logon. This article shows how to add such functionality to your PHPRunner or ASPRunner application.

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How to create your own Edit control plugin

PHPRunner 6.2 and ASPRunnerPro 7.2 add an exciting new feature - custom edit controls. You are longer limited by stock Edit controls that come with the software. And the best of all, creating new Edit controls is not complicated and we'll show how this can be done.

We will show you how to create ColorPicker and SignaturePad plugins. Before we proceed I recommend to check the following live demo that showcases both edit controls plugins. SignaturePad control works on mobile devices as well.

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