We are working on version 11 of PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET. From the engineering point of view, this is a huge redesign that will significantly improve the user experience. We are switching from storing project data in XML and SQLite databases to a real database like MySQL or SQL Server. Also, switching from a slow Internet Explorer engine that powers our UI to Chrome.


  • Much faster UI
  • Much faster work with large ( 1000+ tables ) projects
  • Multi-user work!
  • Revisions and roll-backs
  • Later: Mac/Linux versions

This will be a game-changer! Plus it won’t break project compatibility and all v10.x project will open and build without any issues. We estimate that version 11 will take about six months to build and to be available in the first half of year 2023. This is a long time but it worth the wait.

Also, switching to HTML-based UI will make PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET wizard software much better looking. It opens possibilities like light and dark themes in the software itself.

13 thoughts on “Version 11

  1. I wish I could use phprunner 11 now, by switching date/time to ‘July-2023’ in all my electronic gadgets like laptop, mobile.

  2. This is the only software I look forward to when new updates like this rolls around.

    I might be a nerd at heart but I just love when new features get released and my projects just magically improve without much effort in updating the code.

    This program has always been a game changer when it comes to developing mysql and php projects. The lead programmer of the company understands how to run a business and understands the needs of programmers. Every feature that gets implemented is well thought out and adds great value.

    Much love from Canada.

    Customer for life

  3. I love this app since I started using it in 2010, I have grown with it and will continue to use it. It’s is a powerful app and the best in the market. Love it and looking GL forward for version 11.

  4. I hope there will be progress on the mobile side, so that it is enough just to have phprunner represent building mobile applications for android and ios

  5. Feature request:

    Too often, I get into building and forget to “save” my phpr project… I might be hours and multiple builds in. While you’ve added the autosave feature, it’s not 100% (sometimes missing several Builds/Uploads). Would like the option of “saving” a version of my phpr file each time I do a build.

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