How to scroll List page to the record that was edited

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When you have a long List page with dozens of records, editing or viewing a record on a separate can be cumbersome. After you edit or view a record, clicking ‘Back to List’ will display all the records from the top and you lost the position of the record you just edited. This simple technique will allow you to scroll the List page back to the original position and also it will highlight the record that was just edited or viewed.

To implement this feature in your project, add the following code to respective events.

List page –> Javascript onload event

Add page –> Javasctipt onload event

Add page –> After Record Added event



Edit page / View page –> Javascript onload event

Edit page / View page –> Bebore Display event



This is it. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “How to scroll List page to the record that was edited

  1. This is a GREAT feature, thank you very much!!!
    Is it possible to have the same functionality if you click on a details link page that then also returns you to the edited record when closed?

  2. Works great but only for one record. If you try to edit/view another record the scroll works but the highlight doesn’t,,,

  3. This would be very helpful if it would be integrated into PHPRunner. Manually putting this on every table is not a great idea because we will forget to put it on some tables it would not look so professional.

  4. If we want to use the background color for other purposes, we can replace:



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