ASPRunner.NET 6.0 preview


We are glad to announce a first public preview of ASPRunner.NET 6.0. This is a not a stable release, feel free to use it for evaluation purposes. We expect final version to be available in a few weeks.

ASPRunner.NET 6.0 is built on the top of MVC3 framework.

Download links:

Here is the list of features that are not implemented yet in this preview. All features below will be available in the final version.

  • Right now SQL Server and MySQL databases are supported. Final version will also support Oracle, MS Access and Postgre.
  • C# only. VB.NET will be available in final version.
  • Charts and reports are not supported yet
  • View/Edit plugins not available yet
  • Export/Import pages
  • Events
  • View as Audio/Video
  • Active Directory support
  • Data Encryption
  • Facebook login
  • Templates like Jobs, Cars, Vacations etc
  • Mobile template

Here are features that most likely won’t make it in ASPRunner.NET 6.0. They will be added in next release.

  • Export to PDF
  • Export/Import to Excel 2007
  • Web reports
  • Templates pack: Shopping Cart, Members, Calendar

Let us know what you think of this update. Bug reports to be sent via our helpdesk.

19 thoughts on “ASPRunner.NET 6.0 preview

  1. @Dean

    it depends on what is the actual version of PHPRunner you own. If you in fact own PHPRunner 2 ASPRunner.NET 6.0 offers a huge number of improvements.

    @Fred Blau

    yes, you can install the new version of ASPRunner.NET alongside with the previous one.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been eagerly waiting for this release. So far it looks very promising. Can’t wait to see the stable/complete version. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hello guys,

    I went with ASPRunner because I thought my VB background will help me understand better the inner workings, but with this software I almost never use it.

    If it improves performance, I am all for it.
    C# is a limitation for me, hope the VB.NET and MS Access version is ready soon.

  4. Preview looks good so far. Is SQLite a possibility for the future as a database backed, ESP for local development and testing.

  5. @Tim Frank

    ASPRunner.NET and ASPRunnerPro are two different products and have different version numbers.

    @Alex and Steve

    DB2 and SQLIte will be supported in the next update after this one.

    @Humberto Sequeira

    VB.NET will be supported in final release version

  6. Sergey,

    I used an older version of asprunner at a previous employer and I loved it. However my current employer is moving our technology to use C#, MVC and WCF so I’m glad to see this edition includes MVC. Do you happen to use WCF also?

    When do you expect the final version to come out? I’m looking forward to it.

  7. Hello,
    will the full version be available soon? Because I need to build web application for mobile phones and the ASPRunner.NET is the perfect tool for it. The end date is 10. March 2013. Can I wait or must I go with some other sollution? (I ask because of mobile version that is not yet implemented in preview). Your other products are very good code generators, but this project needs to be build with .net

  8. I didn’t see this but it would be great addition to your tool for us developers to give us flexibility; user controls. So for example if I am making a portal that may have some of my own business rules and custom code to be able to drag an AspRunner.Net user control onto the page. If this is already in place I am over the moon about it!

  9. Barry,

    it depends on when you purchased ASPRunner.NET 5.0. If you purchased less than one year ago ASPRunner.NET 6.0 is a free upgrade for you. In both cases contact support directly to figure this out.

  10. Hi Serg, I have ASPRunner.NET 6.0 buyed one month ago I can use the version 5.0 with the same activation key. How can download it?

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