Theme Design Contest results

I would like to thank everyone participated in this contest.

All images are clickable and point to live previews.

Author: Theodosia Karagianni

2. Mardi Gras
Author Henry Pittman

Author: Theodosia Karagianni

4. Style: FinancialHigh, Color scheme: BlueWave
Author: Sandi Jerome

5. Style: MoneyHigh, Color scheme: GreenWave
Author: Sandi Jerome

Prizes go to Henry Pittman, Theodosia Karagianni and Sandi Jerome. We'll include the majority of those themes in the next PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro.

Feel free to send us your styles and color schemes. If your theme gets included in PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro we send $100 your way.

5 comments to Theme Design Contest results

  • pdb

    Congratulations to the winners! Very interesting designs.

    Perhaps it is my monitor adjustment or something other, but most of the designs have column labels (dark blue) that are almost impossible to see and read. And when mouse over most tabs, the tab label can not be read due to the hover colors selection. Anyone else viewing the designs have the same issues?

  • admin


    It’s quite possible that themes need more work. We have published them as is and will tweak them before actually adding to the software.

  • Well done to all the participants, and XLinesoft as to introduce such an inspirative contest.

    I really like ORFEAS

  • Marcelo Ramagem

    I wish I could’ve found the time to participate. I hope xlinesoft will conduct other such contests to inspire end user involvement with the product development.

    Next, I would love to see a “layouts” competition to give user even greater variety in the actual template layout (list page, add, edit, view, etc)

    Congratulations for everyone that submitted an entry!

  • Oldes Cokdu

    Congragulations !! I am not at Templates yet :))

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