Theme Design Contest


Win cash prizes creating new application themes

The contestants are asked to submit themes created in PHPRunner/ASPRunner Style Editor.

Contest rules

To participate in the contents simply create a unique theme using ASPRunner or PHPRunner. The contest will start on September 15th, 2011 and run until September 23th, 2011. Our judging panel will determine the best themes. The winners will be announced on the website and via email newsletter on September 26th, 2011.

We are looking for creativity and originality as well as themes that add color and overall appeal to generated web applications.

Participation is free. No purchase is necessary. However, each participant can submit no more than two entries.

All submissions will become the property of We reserve the right to include any of the submitted themes in the ASPRunnerPro/PHPRunner software, RunnerExchange marketplace or other products.

Main prizes

10 best submissions will receive $100 each. If you send two entries and both get selected – your prize will be $200.

How do I create a theme and submit my work?

1. Download the latest beta of ASPRunnerPro 7 or PHPRunner 6 and install it. The current build is 9157.

2. Create a new project, add several tables, create a hierarchical menu, enable login page. The idea is to create a project that covers the most design areas to help you build a complete theme.

3. Proceed to the Style Editor screen, choose a Style and Color Scheme as a starting point and click ‘Customize’. Change colors, fonts, borders etc. until your theme looks exactly the way you want it.

4. Make sure your theme looks good with all layouts i.e. make sure you setup both horizontal and vertical menus and submenus. We also recommend building the application and running it in the browser.

5. Style Editor creates a copy of the style and color files in your project folder. For example, if you started customizing “Fancy” style and “Orange” color scheme the Style Editor creates files and colors\Orange1.color under project folder.

If your project name is Project1 the files you are looking for are: C:\Users\Documents\PHPRunnerProjects\Project1\styles\ and C:\Users\Documents\PHPRunnerProjects\Project1\styles\colors\

Note: on Windows XP folder with projects is typically located under My documents\PHPRunnerProjects

6. Proceed to our helpdesk and send us those .color and .style files. You may want to rename style and color files giving them more meaningful names.

Where do I draw inspiration from?

There are multiple websites such as and offering free html templates with a large number of interesting and visually appealing page styles and color schemes. That should give you a great starting point.

What is a theme?

Theme is a combination of the page style (.style file) and color scheme (.color file) created in ASPRunner/PHPRunner Style Editor.

7 thoughts on “Theme Design Contest

  1. Would you be interested with working with a product like Artisteer ( If PHPRunner would be able to use a template/theme from created in that product, you would not have to invest so much effort in creating PHPRunner-specific templates or style sheets. Please consider it. I have no investment in Artisteer (outside of owning their product), but I do use their product extensively to create themes for CRM systems and it works great.

  2. John,

    thank you for your suggestion. We have, in fact, studied Artisteer we very closely. It’s a great piece of software.

    The problem is that PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro style includes much more elements than Artisteer can handle. Until Artisteer introduces a full support for our templates – there is no use.

    Considering the fact Artisteer belongs to one of our competitors (CodeCharge) I doubt anything will change any time soon.

  3. Serjey,

    That’s a great starting point. I am no theme and html specialist, but I will try my level best to give you a best template. I want to help phprunner someway.

    Wish your team all the best.

  4. I wish to see Runner web Applications contest where contestents develop solutions like NewsLetter, CRM, Faq, Banner Manger .. etc. so Runner Developers can integrate easily into existing projects.

  5. Would be great to see a way to bring in a css style sheet and html that was designed outside of phprunner for example something like dreamweaver

  6. Hi,

    Its great leap for PHPR to have styles instead of fixed themes earlier.

    Just a request – are you looking for only styles that are created by changing elements in style editor? or are we allowed to change menu javascripts or other things too?

    Also, I know that this contest was announced a week back. Any chance you would extend the timeline?

  7. PHPRunner is an excellent tool, however would like to have more functionality as the old Delphi, which provides component to configure more functional layouts, grids with tree views in short, believe that patterns develop 10 15 components could also have a control panel with these tools, I believe that sales of the runner as it would be much higher there would be broader in nescessidades contemplate the various development, as it is, we still have much to put a hand in programming, so do not leave enables manual programming, the tool with little more improvements can become a complete solution.

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