Facebook/Twitter contest results

Thank you everyone for participating in our Holiday Facebook/Twitter Contest and contributing to the list of features you want to see in ASPRunnerPro and PHPRunner. We have received a number of well-thought responses. Each entry has been carefully reviewed and prioritized.

Here are the top three winners (not in any particular order) with their respective suggestions.

1. Brian B.

Universal Search. Currently the search options are great, but only for the currently displayed list. The first thing my users ask for is why the search box will not return hits across the whole database.

2. Gareth P.

Templates/layouts exchange area where users share and download templates, layouts and styles.

3. Stan TheMan

Dual template support in a project, normal template for large screen and a second for mobile devices. Better yet multi-template support in a project, allowing for large screen, tablet and smartphone screen sizes all at the same time! There are lots of problems to solve for here, do you use one template and different CSS for different devices, or generate a separate code base for each template? (Or allow both, so the developer has a choice).

We think that these are great suggestions. We are planning on adding them to our nearest releases.
If you are the winner please contact us at http://support.xlinesoft.com to claim your prize.

Once again thank you for your contributions and Happy New Year!

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