What is PHP? – Tips on what others are looking for and How to Choose a PHP Code Generator


Tips on what others are looking for…

  • Do you need to know how to program?
  • Is it an all-in-one application package?
  • Does it offer a free trial?
  • Does it have a simple, user friendly wizard-style interface?
  • Does it have an easy to use PHP form generator?
  • Does it have multiple search modes make finding simple and fast?
  • Can you quickly and efficiently add, delete, copy, edit, and view pages?
  • Will you be able to easily modify code you create?
  • Does it offer Administration and Tracking? – Collects and Stores; user details, client contact information, and product listings.
  • Will you be able to organize and store articles?
  • Does it offer web-based reporting? – Accurate and Online.
  • Is it online, data entry and database searching capable?
  • Will you be able to easily upload pages to your server?
  • Does it offer multiple language templates to choose from?
  • Does it offer password-protection for the pages you create? A Must Have.
  • Favored PHP Code Generator Resources

    PHPRunner – is an all-in-one application package perfect for a person who knows nothing about building a database for a website. The novice user will find the PHP code generator quickly creates a database, and the PHP form generator to efficiently create tables that will interface with whatever data they choose. The efficiency of this software not only saves the user time, but is a big money saver for the hands-on, DIY approach as well. The free trial is of the full version, so a beginning webmaster or an expert can experience the full benefits PHPRunner has to offer.


    Xlinesoft.com is a software development group. PHPRunner, developed by Xlinesoft, is an easy-to-use desktop ide, php form generator and php code generator that generates database driven sites by the click of your mouse. For more information Call Toll Free: 1-888-290-6617

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