What is PHP? – Tips on what others are looking for and How to Choose a PHP Code Generator


What is PHP?
PHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor) is a scripting language used by programmers and was created in 1995, by Rasmus Lerdorf. The original purpose of PHP was to design vigorous, active websites capable of changing; A.K.A. dynamic websites having the ability to control a single or multiple software applications. PHP has evolved over time to interact effectively with standalone graphical applications and to successfully include CLI – command line interface capability; a device that interacts with a computer’s software and operating system with typed commands resulting in specific tasks being completed.

What is PHP Code?
PHP Code is code that is embeddable into HTML and is compatible in any cross-platform; meaning it will work with UNIX, Microsoft Windows, or Macintosh without the need for additional software. The user can see the dynamic content because the server side processes it; then sends it disguised as static (unchangeable).

How much time does PHP coding take?
If you don’t know PHP language then you’ll need to learn PHP code and how it works. From what I’ve read, there are mixed views. Most people claim it is fairly easy while others claim it’s not so simple and took them some time. This led me to look into what exactly is involved in learning this language. Sure, there are an over abundance of websites offering free tutorials, but personally, looking at the over whelming amount of information, I was left with even more questions. So far I’ve spent an absorbent amount of time and haven’t found my answers yet.

PHP Code Generators – What are they?
A PHP code generator is desktop software that has reinvented the “software development wheel”. A person no longer needs to be an expert in PHP code to design database driven websites. A PHP code generator has taken all the hard work out of the process and made it so easy anyone can do it. This software allows you to create database driven websites that work seamlessly with any cross-platform such as; MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Postgre, and SQL Server databases. PHP code generators require little to no programming skills at all. In fact, and in comparison to manually creating PHP code, you can design and build a database driven website in very little time.

PHP Code Generator and PHP Form Generator – Benefits
Time and money are saved by using software that will create PHP code in a fraction of the time it takes to manually do this. For anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Office Excel or Access using a PHP form generator will be easy. PHP code amateurs will be able to produce professional results because of how simple a PHP code generator is to use and be surprised at how fast they’ll have a website built.

Saves time because there isn’t an exhaustive amount of time learning PHP code or creating it to build a database driven website.
Saves money because there isn’t an exhaustive amount of dollars invested in learning PHP code and how to use it or hiring someone to do it for you. If you pay someone by the hour and they use a generator, you could conceivably cut your overhead costs greatly.


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