PHPRunner 6.2 and ASPRunnerPro 7.2 add an exciting new feature - custom edit and view controls. You are longer limited by stock controls that come with the software.

We have built a set of plugins to help you build more sophisticated applications. This bundle includes five edit plugins and two view plugins, both PHP and ASP versions.


Star Rating plugin allows you to add nice looking rating control to your projects. This would be a great addition to any application where users provide reviews for products and services. Includes both View and Edit Start Rating plugins.

Customizable options

  • option to remove rating
  • allow half-star selection
  • number of stars
  • star hints


Slider plugin provides a visual way of entering numeric values. Supports integer and floating point numbers. Options include setting and upper and lower bound.


Bootstrap Timepicker plugin
An alternative timepicker control based on Bootstrap framework. Supports up/down keyboard keys to edit time. Works with time, datetime and text fields.

Customizable options

  • military time (24h) or am/pm mode
  • optional seconds
  • minutes and seconds increment


Spinner plugin
Yet another way to enter numbers using mouse only. Options include setting input range.

iPhone Checkbox

iPhone checkbox plugin
An alternative way to edit Yes/No fields. Options include setting your own button labels. You get both View and Edit controls.

More plugins are to come soon. If you have an idea of a great edit or view plugin - let us know.

If you are interested in creating your own plugins and selling them via our marketplace feel free to contact us. Make sure to check How to create your own Edit control plugin article first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation instructions

Unzip plugins bundle to Documents\PHPRunnerPlugins folder. I.e. on Windows 7 unzip it to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\PHPRunnerPlugins keeping directory structure. For ASPRunnerPro unzip it to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\ASPRunnerProPlugins folder.

Note that you do not need to create PHPRunnerPlugins or ASPRunnerProPlugins folder manually. This folder is created by PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro during installation.

Making plugins multilingual

You can make your plugins speak multiple languages. Lets consider iPhoneCheckbox Edit plugin for example. You can use the following code in PHP version of the plugin. Add this code to plugin initializations script under 'Edit as' settings:

ASP version:

Internet Explorer issues

Plugins may not look pretty in some versions of Internet Explorer. We'll fix this issue in the next PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro update. Meanwhile you can use the following fix

PHP version

a) in include\xtempl.php add a new line to the end of set_template function: b) in include\common\RunnerJS\Runner.js file replace with