Calendar Template

Display your data in nice-looking calendar format and share with co-workers. Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily views. Recurrent events, whole days events, multi-day events, colored categories and much more.

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Calendar v1, v2 or v3 owners can upgrade to Calendar v4 for $25.

What is Calendar Template and what do I get?

Organize busy work and family lives with shared online calendars. Here is the full list of features:

  • Customizable look and feel.
  • Integration with existing databases.
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily views
  • Drag events from one calendar cell to another
  • Recurrent events, whole days events
  • Colored event categories
  • Add/Edit/Delete events without leaving the list page


Calendar Template is completely customizable. You can start filling up your website from scratch or use preexisting content to get you started

  • Upload your own logo or just enter your company's name.
  • Add your own personal texts and descriptions anywhere on the pages.
  • Use any colors, fonts or sizes, add images.
  • Drag and drop the components around.
  • Add your contact information.

Changes history

Version 4.0 - November 2020

  • Improved UI
  • Customized notifications for each event via cron job, .ics attached to each notification
  • Easy event title customization via code
  • More settings: timezone selection, open edit or view page on click and more

Version 3.0 - December 2018

  • New UI, based on
  • Compatibility with version 10
  • Filters

Version 2.0 - June 2015

  • Streamlined UI, more space for your data
  • Use Calendar template to display data from any table
  • Schedule events by day of week

Setup instructions and FAQ

Setup instructions