ASPRunner Professional - Live demo

Note: These demos only took fifteen minutes to create from sample MS Access database. We just copied all pages to our Web server without any changes and got it working.

For demo purpose all Add, Edit, and Delete Functions have been disabled.


All live demos are mobile-enabled. Open any demo from your mobile device to see how it works.

Demo1 covers the following ASPRunnerPro features:

  • Master-details relationships.
  • Add, edit and delete functionality, sort, search data, export data.
  • Database images displaying and upload.
  • Dependent drop-down boxes on EDIT/ADD pages.
  • Multilingual templates. Ability to change page language on the fly.
  • Add new items to dropdown boxes and listboxes on the fly.
  • Using Rich Editor.
  • Inline Add/Edit.

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Demo2 covers the following ASPRunnerPro security features:

  • Password-protected access to the database.
  • Guest user with read-only access.
  • Multiple user groups with different permissions.
  • Admin user with full access to all data.
  • New user registration, password reminder, change password.

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Demo3 covers the following ASPRunnerPro "Events" features:

  • Redirect to LIST page after adding or editing.
  • Show quantity of deleted records.
  • Show list of customer orders.
  • Before deleting a record check if related records exist.
  • Speed up data entry using events.

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Demo4 covers the following ASPRunnerPro visual features:

  • Reports and charts.
  • Custom views.
  • Using INNER JOIN, GROUP By SQL queries to shape data.

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Demo5 covers the following ASPRunnerPro Style Editor features:

  • Visual appearance customization, using different styles for different pages.
  • Using different layouts for different tables and pages.

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Demo6 covers ASPRunnerPro dashboards

  • Multiple grids on the same page
  • Multiple related tables on the same pages
  • Grids, charts and reports on the same page

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