ASPRunnerPro - Live demo

Download all live demos (43Mb) to play with them offline.


  • Unzip live demo files
  • Create a new MySQL database. Execute livedemo_all.sql script to create all required tables.
  • Run ASPRunnerPro, browse to one of live demo folders and open project file.
  • The stored database connection will fail. Point database connection to the database you just created.
  • Build project and enjoy.

For demo purpose all Add, Edit, and Delete Functions have been disabled.


Demo1 covers the following basic features:

  • Master-details relationships.
  • Add, edit and delete functionality, sort, search data, export data.
  • Database images displaying and upload.
  • Dependent drop-down boxes on EDIT/ADD pages.
  • Multilingual templates. Ability to change page language on the fly.
  • Add new items to dropdown boxes and listboxes on the fly.
  • Using Rich Text Editor.
  • Inline Add/Edit functionality.

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Demo2 covers the following security features:

  • Password-protected access to the database.
  • Guest user with read-only access.
  • Multiple user groups with different permissions.
  • Admin user with full access to all data.
  • New user registration, password reminder, change password.

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Demo3 covers "Events" features:

  • Redirect to LIST page after adding or editing.
  • Show quantity of deleted records.
  • Show list of customer orders.
  • Before deleting a record check if related records exist.
  • Speed up data entry using events.

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Demo4 covers reporting and charting features:

  • Reports and charts.
  • Custom views.
  • Using INNER JOIN, GROUP By SQL queries to shape data.

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Demo5 covers visual appearance features:

  • Visual appearance customization, using different styles for different pages.
  • Using different layouts for different tables and pages.

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Demo6 covers dashboards functionality:

  • Multiple grids on the same page
  • Multiple related tables on the same pages
  • Grids, charts and reports on the same page

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Demo7 covers mapping and printing functionality

  • Wizard-like Add/Edit pages
  • Editing details records in dashboards
  • Heatmaps, clustered maps etc
  • Printing master and details together

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Demo8 Bootstrap layouts and Page Designer functionality

  • Different Bootstrap layouts for different pages
  • Additional pages of the same type
  • Tabs and sections
  • Multi-column Add/Edit pages
  • Custom buttons

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Demo9 Additional pages, Grouping on the List page, OR search

  • Different permissions for Additional pages
  • Grouping on the List page
  • OR search
  • Update selected records
  • Show/hide List page fields in run-time
  • New PDF export engine
  • Collapsible side bar
  • New look of cross-tab reports

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