How to make text output in uppercase

The most popular question that can be asked is "How can I make text output in uppercase?" The answer is a simple one and we're going to show it to you now.

You should make some changes in Visual Editor tab. We will show all needed changes with Make field in test MS Access database (examples.mdb) that comes with ASPRunnerPro.

So, you need to go through a couple of steps.


1. Open ASPRunner/PHPRunner project and proceed to Visual Editor tab.

2. Select View page from Tables list.

3. Right-click over the Make field and choose Properties.

4. In "View as" settings dialog select Custom type and paste to the text area the following code snippet:

PHPRunner Example

ASPRunner Example

5. Build your project and view results in your favourite browser.

Note: Changes in SQL Query maybe different according to database used. For example, for MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre SQL databases you should use Upper operator instead of Ucase.

Applies to:

  • ASPRunnerPro
  • PHPRunner

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