How to write table data in uppercase only

This document describes the steps you need to follow to add records to your database in uppercase only.

The simplest method is to make changes in Events tab on eleventh step of your ASPRunnerPro/PHPRunner project. For that you need to go through a couple of steps.


1. Click on Before Record Updated Event.

2. Modify sample event code putting to appropriate place following code snippets.

ASPRunner Example

PHPRunner Example

3. Make the same for Before Record Added Event.

These changes will apply to Make and Model fields. Now, these fields will be written to database in upper case.

Note: Changes in SQL Query maybe different according to database used. For example, for MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre SQL databases you should use Upper operator instead of Ucase.

Applies to:

  • ASPRunnerPro
  • PHPRunner

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