How to write names to the database in proper case

Sometimes you need to write names to the database in the proper case ("bill gates" => "Bill Gates"). This tutorial will show you the steps you need to follow.


1. Open your ASPRunnerPro/PHPRunner project and proceed to Events tab.

2. Click on Before Record Updated Event for Edit page.

3. Modify sample event code by inserting the following code snippets.

ASPRunner Example

PHPRunner Example

4. Make the same for Before Record Added Event.

These changes will apply to UserName field. Now, this field will be written to the database using capitals where appropriate. For example, after adding new user "sam fowler" new record will be created with "Sam Fowler" value in UserName field.

Note: Changes in SQL Query maybe different according to database used. For example, for MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre SQL databases you should use Upper operator instead of Ucase.

Applies to:

  • ASPRunnerPro
  • PHPRunner

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