Session Expired message

Every time I open generated application in browser I get message: "Your session has expired. Please login again." What is wrong?


1. Make sure Session State is enabled.

Proceed to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Internet Information Service. Right click on website and choose Home directory - Configuration - Options. Check off "Enable Session State" checkbox. Increase Session timeout if required.

2. What to do if application loses session variables sporadically.

This appears to be a common Windows 2003 IIS problem. Usually you have to do the following:

  • In IIS Manager, expand the local computer
  • Expand Application Pools
  • Right-click the application pool
  • Click Properties
  • Flip to the Performance tab
  • Under Web garden, in the Maximum number of worker processes box, type 1
  • Click Ok


1. Your PHP installation is not properly configured to use sessions.

Make sure your PHP installation is configured to support sessions. Here is the article that explains how to configure PHP session parameters.

In your php.ini files you need to set the session.save_path parameter i.e. add the line to php.ini file:


where c:\PHP\sessiondata is folder where you want PHP to save session information. You must ensure that account you use has read/write permissions on this folder.

2. How to increase PHP session timeout.

In php.ini file find session.gc_maxlifetime variable and set session expiration time in seconds (3600 means one hour).


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