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Database API:Select()

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Retrieves data from the database.


DB::Select($table, $values)
// or
DB::Select($table, $where)



the table from which the data is selected.


an array with values that define the condition of the Select query.


the condition for the Select query.

Return value

An array with the result of the Select query.

Example 1

Retrieve all data from the Cars table where the make is Toyota and the model is RAV4.


$data = array();
$data["make"] = "Toyota";
$data["model"]  = "RAV4";
$rs = DB::Select("Cars", $data );
while( $record = $rs->fetchAssoc() )
    echo $record["id"];
    echo $record["make"];

Example 2

Retrieve all data from the Cars table where the price is less than 20,000.


$rs = DB::Select("Cars", "Price<20000" );
while( $record = $rs->fetchAssoc() )
echo $record["id"];
echo $record["make"];

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