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Database API: Insert

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Inserts a record into a database.


DB::Insert($table, $values)



the table into which the data is inserted.


an array with values that you wish to insert.

Return value

No return value.

Example 1

You can insert a record into any table.


// Insert a record into the 'Cars' table
$data = array();
$data["make"] = "Toyota";
$data["model"]  = "RAV4";
$data["price"] = 16000;
DB::Insert("cars", $data );

Example 2

You can copy the added or edited record into another table. To do so, use this code in the AfterAdd or AfterEdit event:


// Copy the record into the 'Copy_of_cars' table
$data = array();
$data["make"] = $values["make"];
$data["model"] = $values["model"];
$data["price"] = $values["price"];
DB::Insert("copy_of_cars", $data );

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