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Database API: Update

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Updates records in the database. The Update method overwrites existing records in the database instead of adding new ones.


Note: the third parameter must be specified for the method to be executed successfully.


DB::Update($table, $data, $keyvalues)
// or
DB::Update($table, $data, $where)



the table where you want to update the data.


an array of values that overwrites the existing record.


an array of key values that define the condition for the Update query.


the condition for the Update query.

Return value

No return value.


// Update the record with id=50 in the 'Cars' table
$data = array();
$keyvalues = array();
$data["make"] = "Toyota";
$data["model"]  = "RAV4";
$data["price"] = 16000;
$keyvalues["id"] = 50;
DB::Update("cars", $data, $keyvalues );


Alternative syntax:


// Update a record in the 'Cars' table where id=50
$data = array();
$data["make"] = "Toyota";
$data["model"]  = "RAV4";
$data["price"] = 16000;
DB::Update("cars", $data, "id=50" );

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