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PHPRunner 9.8 Manual

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Send email with new data

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To send an email with new data use Send email with new data action.

Available in following events:

Add page: Before record added;

Add page: After record added;

Edit page: Before record updated;

Edit page: After record updated.


yellowbulbNote: Change the values listed in red to match your specific needs.

//**********  Send email with new data  ************




$subject="New data record";


$msg.= "Name: ".$values["name"]."\r\n";

$msg.= "Email: ".$values["email"]."\r\n";

$msg.= "Age: ".$values["age"]."\r\n";


$ret=runner_mail(array('to' => $email, 'subject' => $subject, 'body' => $msg, 'from'=>$from));


echo $ret["message"];