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Events.After record updated

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The AfterEdit event is executed after the data record was updated in the database. It works in all edit modes: Inline Edit, Regular Edit and an Edit page in a popup.




Note: Field names are case-sensitive. If the field name is PlayerId, you should use $oldvalues["PlayerId"]. Note that $oldvalues["playerid"] or $oldvalues["PlayerID"] will not work.


Note: If the field was assigned an alias in the SQL query, then the $values array will get the alias instead of the field name from the database.

E.g., if you have an SQL query SELECT salesrep_id AS Inv_Salesrep ..., you should use $values["Inv_Salesrep"].



an array of values to be written to the database. To access a specific field value, use $values["FieldName"].


WHERE clause that points to the edited record. Example: ID=19.


an array with existing field values. To access a specific column value, use $oldvalues["FieldName"].


an array of key column values that point to the edited record. To access a specific key column, use $keys["KeyFieldName"].


equals to true for the Inline Edit, false otherwise.



an object representing the current page. For more information, see RunnerPage class.

Note: If you need to display a message on the page or pass a variable value to JavaScript, you need to add the following to the end of your event code:

$pageObject->stopPRG = true;


Passing true to pageObject.stopPRG = true variable named "saved":


$pageObject->setProxyValue('saved', true);  
$pageObject->stopPRG = true;

Applies to pages

Edit, Inline Edit.

Recommended sample events:

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