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Email selected records

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How to send an email to a predefined address

To send an email with several selected records on the List page, you need to create a custom button.


1. Proceed to the Page Designer screen.


2. Create an Update selected custom button and add the following code snippets into it:

Server tab:



$body = "";
while( $data = $button->getNextSelectedRecord() )
  $body .= "OrderID: " . $data['OrderID'] . "\n";
  $body .= "Customer: " . $data['CustomerID'] . "\n";
  $body .= "Employee: " . $data['EmployeeID'] . "\n-----------\n\n";
// send the email
$email = "";
$subject = "Sample subject";
$arr = runner_mail(array('to' => $email, 'subject' => $subject,'body' => $body));
$result["txt"] = "Emails were sent.";
// if error happened print a message on the web page
if( !$arr["mailed"] )
  $errmsg = "Error happened: <br>";
  $errmsg.= "File: " . $arr["errors"][0]["file"] . "<br>";
  $errmsg.= "Line: " . $arr["errors"][0]["line"] . "<br>";
  $errmsg.= "Description: " . $arr["errors"][0]["description"] . "<br>";
  $result["txt"] = $errmsg;

Client After tab:

var message = result["txt"];


Note: The Client Before tab should be blank (delete sample code there if any).


Sample email message:


OrderID: 10249

Customer: TRADH

Employee: 6


OrderID: 10251

Customer: VICTE

Employee: 3


OrderID: 10253

Customer: HANAR

Employee: 3


How to send an email to the currently authorized user

Instead of a hardcoded email address, you can send email to the current user.

1. The email address is used as the username


2. The email address is stored in an individual field

In this case, you need to save the email address to the session variable in the AfterSuccessfulLogin event:




BeforeProcess event code:



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