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Grid Row Javascript API: row.getFieldValue()

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row.getFieldValue() gets the current field value on the page. If you used the row.setFieldValue function to adjust the value of the field, row.getFieldValue() will return the adjusted value, and not the one in the database.


Note: for getFieldValue() function to work PHPRunner needs to retrieve and store in Javascript the whole data set. This can be a resource-consuming operation and is turned off by default. As an alternative you can use a lightweight getFieldText() function.


1. It will be enabled automatically if you have Grid Click Actions on this page or inserted a button into the grid.


2. Or to enable it manually you can add the following code to BeforeProcess event of the List page in question:



$pageObject->addRawFieldValues = true;






the name of the field.

Return value

Returns a raw field value without formatting applied.


Click the OrderID field to retrieve the current order total and display it in the OrderID field.


Client Before:


// pass OrderID to Server event  
params["OrderID"] = row.getFieldValue("OrderID");  




// run SQL Query to retrieve order total  
$result["total"] = DBLookup("select sum(Quantity*UnitPrice) from `Order Details` where OrderID=".$params["OrderID"]);


Client After:


// change cell background  
row.fieldCell("OrderID").css('background', 'yellow' );  
// add order total to OrderID cell content  
  row.fieldCell("OrderID").html()+"<br>Total: "+result["total"]);  

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