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Grid Row Javascript API: row.setFieldValue()

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Sets the field value on the current page.


The row.setFieldValue() function doesn't change the value in the database, so the adjusted value doesn't appear in the grid. The value set this way only applies to the consequent row.getFieldValue calls.


row.setFieldValue(field, value);



the field name.


the field value.

Return value

No return value.


The field value set this way does not appear in the grid and only applies to consequent getFieldValue calls.


Let's say we added a Custom button that changes the task status (the 'Status' field) to 'Complete' during the Server event.


In order to avoid reloading the page to get the correct status of the task, we can use the row.SetFieldValue() function in the Client After event for the button:


row.setFieldValue('Status', 'Complete');

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