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Common event parameters

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You can use the following common parameters in your event code:



an RunnerPage class object that represents a current page. For more information, see RunnerPage class.


Before record updated:


// Get the current record and display the Make and Model fields' values
$data = $pageObject->getCurrentRecord();
echo $data["Make"] ." ".$data["Model"];

values array


an array with the field values from an Add/Edit form.


Before record updated:


echo $values["Field1"];


Note: If the field was assigned an alias in the SQL query, then the $values array gets the alias instead of the field name from the database.

E.g., if you have an SQL query SELECT salesrep_id AS Inv_Salesrep ..., you should use $values["Inv_Salesrep"].



an array with the key columns.


After record added:


echo $keys["ID"];

Other useful functions and parameters



the name of the template file being displayed.


a template engine object. Use $xt->assign($name, $val) to assign a value $val to the variable $name.


Before display event


$message = "This message";

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