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JavaScript API: RunnerPage object > findItem(itemId, recordId)

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Returns the jQuery object representing the page element. Use this function when you need to apply code to one of the page elements.


findItem( itemId, recordId );



the element ID. You can use this method only with the items (elements) that have an ID. Learn how to get it in the Inserting button article.


an optional {integer}. A unique identifier of a record in a data grid on the List page.

Note: use the recordId() function in the GridRow object to obtain this parameter.

Return value

Returns the jQuery object representing the page element.


Example 1


// set the text of a 'total' element
pageObj.findItem( 'total' ).text( '42' );


Example 2


// set the background of a  'simple_grid_field' element
pageObj.findItem( 'simple_grid_field' ).css( 'background', 'red' );


Note: use the recordId parameter for the data grid elements on the List page.


Example 3


For this example, let's say you want a field in the grid to change its background when a user clicks the row.


Proceed to the Choose Pages screen -> Click actions -> Run AJAX snippet and add this code to the Client before event:


pageObj.findItem( 'simple_grid_field', ).css( 'background', 'yellow' );


Note: If you omit the recordId parameter, the background is applied to the field value in all grid rows instead.


Example 4


// change the background of the first record's custom button
var allRecords = pageObj.getAllRecords();
pageObj.findItem( 'custom_button', allRecords[0].recordId() ).find('a').css( 'background', 'red' );

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