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Grid Row Javascript API: row.recordId() 

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Returns the record ID.


Note: Record ID is a numeric identifier of a record in the grid. It is used to control elements like buttons or Inline edit controls in a specific row.




No arguments.

Return value

Returns the record ID. This record ID is the same as pageid parameter in Javascript Controls API and you can use it to access Edit controls of any record in Inline Edit or in Spreadsheet mode.

Example 1

Show/hide edit button in the current row


pageObj.toggleItem( 'grid_edit', false, row.recordId() );


Example 2


Set the value of the 'name' field control in the Inline Edit mode


var ctrl = Runner.getControl( row.recordId(), 'name' ');
ctrl.setValue('Luke Skywalker');


Example 3


Imitate Edit button click of the specific record


RunnerPage.getItemButton( 'grid_edit', row.recordId() ).click();

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