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Events.After successful login

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The AfterSuccessfulLogin event is executed on the Login page after the username and password were successfully verified.





a user-entered login name. In case of 'Login as Guest' situation $username will be empty.


a user-entered password.


an array with existing user record in the Login table. Access fields by $data["FieldName"].

Note: field names are case-sensitive. If the field name is PlayerId, you should use $data["PlayerId"]. Note that $data["playerid"] or $data["PlayerID"] will not work.

In case of Active Directory based security, the data array contains attributes from the user record in AD. For instance, this is how you can retrieve the user's email and store it in a session variable:



Applies to pages


Recommended  sample events:

Add link to user profile to the menu

Change 'Logged on as' message

Redirect to user info edit page

Save user data in session variables

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