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Add a user profile link to the menu

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Lets say you want to give each user a quick access to their data in the users table. You can do so by adding a 'My profile' link to the main menu.


A link to the user profile page looks like this: users_edit.php?editid1=XXXX. We assume that the Login table name is users and XXXX is the value of the primary key field in users table.



1. Save the ID of the user account in a session variable. For this purpose, add the following code to AfterSuccessfulLogin event:




In this example id is the primary key column name in the Login table.


2. Create a new menu item via Menu Builder:


Link type: Application page.

Link to: Users (login table) List page.

Link text: My profile.


3. Now add the following code to MenuItem: Modify event:


if ($menuItem->getTitle()=="My profile") {
return true;

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